RPA Influencers: Who’s Leading the Charge With Intelligent Automation?

These RPA influencers deliver industry thought leadership and insightful commentary about RPA (Robotics Process Automation), intelligent automation, and cloud-native.

The RPA Influencers of 2023

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that helps automate manual, repetitive tasks by emulating how users interact with their applications or digital systems. It automates completing mundane, tedious tasks, usually involving human-computer interactions. This can help reduce costs and boost efficiency as it eliminates the need for manual processing.

RPA can automate any task that involves interacting with a digital system, such as entering data into a spreadsheet or updating information in an online database. It can also simulate human interactions with computer systems by automatically filling out forms, sending emails and notifications, and more. By leveraging RPA to automate mundane tasks, businesses can free up time and resources to focus on strategic tasks that require human judgment.

In addition, RPA can also help reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry processes and providing real-time feedback. This allows companies to quickly identify mistakes, adjust their systems accordingly, and avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

Intelligent automation is an innovation of RPA. However, it goes beyond just automation to include analytics and machine learning capabilities to help businesses make better decisions faster. This allows companies to quickly identify mistakes, adjust their systems accordingly, and avoid costly mistakes in the long run.

Below is an example of a bot reading an email, opening an Excel document, and entering data into an ERP platform.

What is RPA?

2022 RPA Influencers

The RPA influencers below consist mainly of analysts from various firms. These individuals are at the forefront of RPA technology and talking with business leaders about the next evolution of RPA, deploying and securing the software, and integrating AI into RPA, also known as intelligent automation.

For your convenience, I put together this Twitter list of  RPA influencers so you can easily follow their conversation and try to understand what is top of mind.

2022 List of RPA Influencers

Using the same methodology above, we created additional technology influencer lists below. Don’t forget: Use these lists as a starting point.

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