RPA Influencers: Who’s Leading the Charge With Intelligent Automation?

RPA Influencers: Who’s Leading the Charge With Intelligent Automation?

RPA influencers are mostly analysts, consultants, and strategy advisors leading the in the intelligent automation industry. Learn more below.

By: Michael Brito

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RPA or Robotic Process Automation is hot right now and it’s only become more popular due to the pandemic in 2020. RPA is software that allows companies to automate mundane tasks and processes that would normally be done by humans. It’s called robotic because the software uses “robots” that serve as configurable software that will perform the tasks that you allocate to them. Below is an example of a bot reading an email, opening up an Excel document and entering data into an ERP platform.

What is RPA?

The RPA influencers below consist of mainly analysts from various firms. These individuals are at the forefront of RPA technology and talking with business leaders about the next evolution of RPA, deploying and securing the  software, and the integration of AI into RPA also known as intelligent automation.

For your convenience, I put together this Twitter list of  RPA influencers so you can easily follow their conversation and try to understand what is top of mind.

RPA Influencers

Here are a few other technology influencer lists that have been manually curated in case you are interested:

Please don’t take my word on whether or not these are the top digital transformation influencers. I would suggest to use this list as a starting point, and do your own influencer analysis using a combination of technology provider and some math. I recommend Onalytica, they are the leading influencer software provider.

Influencer Marketing Guide

I talk a lot about managing and deploying influencer marketing programs on my YouTube channel and it’s not just theory or ideas. It’s all based on real life experience, testing and learning, and sometimes failing when working with various influencer groups.

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