Machine Learning Influencers: Who’s Leading the #ML Conversation?

These top Machine Learning (ML) influencers deliver industry thought leadership and insightful content about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and more. If you are trying to reach audiences interested in machine learning, start paying attention to this group.

The Top ML Influencers of 2023

Machine learning is an exciting field where computers are trained to analyze data and detect patterns that can be used to make predictions. It’s especially useful in applications that would be too expensive or time-consuming for humans to generate the same results.

Machine learning is not the same thing as artificial intelligence. While both are used for similar tasks, AI involves programming a computer to think and act like a human, whereas machine learning works by forming rules from data that has already been acquired. In this way, machine learning utilizes algorithms to make decisions rather than being programmed by humans. With technology advancing every day, one thing is for sure: machine learning will only increase in importance as more companies look to capitalize on its potential.

Differences With ML & AI

How were these machine learning influencers ranked?

The most common way to measure influence is to combine reach, relevance, and resonance, and then a layer in a weighted algorithm to stack rank each.

This is a good start, but an additional data point must be considered to maintain the integrity of real influence. I refer to it as a reference.

The reference requires a manual lookup and cross-reference of 3rd party mentions by a particular group. This could be the media, analyst reports, or social mentions by a specific audience like c-suite executives, other software engineers, or business decision-makers.

2022 ML Influencers

Below is the 2022 ML influencer list.

Below is a carefully curated list of machine learning influencers who are tech sector and industry leaders. Here’s a Twitter list if you’d like to follow the conversation.

2022 Machine Learning Influencers

Using the same methodology above, we created additional technology influencer lists below. Don’t forget: Use these lists as a starting point.

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