Cloud Computing Influencers: Who’s Leading the Cloud Conversation?

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Ask five people what cloud computing means, and you’ll get five different answers. At a very high level, cloud computing is the availability of resources,  data and cloud storage, and computing power without direct management by a user.

The term is generally used by most technologists to describe data centers available to people and users over the Internet. The below graphic illustrates cloud computing as it relates to OnPrem, public cloud, AWS hosted, and the public Internet.


Cloud Strategy Model

The cloud computing influencers below represent a subset of a larger group of influencers leading the conversation and moving the industry forward. Below you will find traditional journalists, analysts, and many practitioners who work at large technology companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

These influencers are not necessarily ranked by “level of influence” but more about their topical relevance to cloud computing, the general engagement when publishing content about cloud computing, and audience size.

Here is a curated Twitter list of the cloud influencers for you to follow and engage with.

Cloud Computing Influencers

We have included several other technologies and business influencer lists based on various B2B topics. We use the same algorithms to identify these influencers based on reach, resonance, relevance, and reference. The reality is that when brands activate influencer programs is not just a strategic approach. Still, it also requires working knowledge of data and analytics, content and storytelling, and measuring success.

I put together some helpful tips on how to work with B2B and tech influencers. You can use this as a blueprint when you are identifying the most relevant influencers and launching your program.

Influencer Marketing Guide

If you are interested, below are some resources that should help you with your influencer marketing journey.



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