Cloud Computing Influencers: Who’s Leading the Cloud Conversation?

These top Cloud Computing influencers deliver industry thought leadership and insightful content about cloud, cloud-native, hybrid cloud, and cloud computing. If you are trying to reach audiences working in cloud computing, start paying attention to this group.

The Top Cloud Influencers of 2023

Cloud computing is a technology that has revolutionized how we access, store, and utilize data. It is essentially an off-site storage system that utilizes the internet to access data and software applications on remote servers instead of an individual’s computer or device. This technology allows users to collaborate with virtual storage space, in essence freeing up physical resources while also utilizing less energy. In addition to saving time and money, cloud computing provides many other benefits, such as reliability and scalability, that give it an edge over more traditional methods of storing data like hard drives.

It can provide organizations with improved flexibility and efficiency in their operations, allowing them to work smarter rather than harder. The ease of use and its numerous advantages make cloud computing a powerful tool for businesses seeking to streamline their processes.

A cloud-native approach is an architectural style for developing applications that take advantage of features offered by cloud computing platforms. Using this approach, applications are broken into microservices and can leverage services from a cloud provider, such as storage, databases, messaging services, and more. Cloud-native applications often follow the principle of decoupling components for maximum scalability, resiliency, reliability, and maintainability. This approach offers flexibility and control to developers who want to use the latest technologies to maximize cost-efficiency and speed up-time to market.

The below graphic illustrates cloud computing as it relates to OnPrem, public cloud, AWS hosted, and the public Internet.

Cloud Computing Strategy Model

2022 Cloud Influencers

Below is the 2022 Cloud Computing influencer list.

The cloud computing influencers below represent a subset of a larger group of influencers leading the conversation and moving the industry forward. Below you will find traditional journalists, analysts, and many practitioners who work at large technology companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

These influencers are not necessarily ranked by “level of influence” but by their topical relevance to cloud computing, the general engagement when publishing content about cloud computing, and audience size.

Here is a curated Twitter list of cloud influencers to follow and engage with.

2022 Cloud Computing Influencers

Using the same methodology above, we created additional technology influencer lists below. Don’t forget: Use these lists as a starting point.

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