(AI) Artificial Intelligence Influencers: Who’s Leading in AI?

These top AI tech influencers deliver industry thought leadership and insightful content about AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML, NLP, and more. If you are trying to reach AI audiences, start paying attention to this group.

The Top AI Influencers of 2023

Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating concept. It refers to a machine’s ability to mimic human behavior and cognition. AI has been used in many areas, such as image recognition, natural language processing, and robotics. One unique aspect is that there is no objectively perfect AI system; each must be customized depending on its intended environment and use.

In any case, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way since its conception; it’s worth taking some time to explore just how powerful and impactful it can be to our business and personal lives.

Diagram: How does AI actually work?

How were these AI influencers ranked?

The standard measurement for influencer analysis is the following:

  • Reach: Audience size
  • Relevance: Volume of relevant conversation
  • Resonance: Audience engagement

While this is a good start, I like to add a layer of analysis to ensure the purity of an influencer list. I call it reference. It’s a qualitative data point that uncovers whether or not third-party influencers reference the influencer in question. This could be a mention in traditional media, analyst reports, or social mentions by a specific audience like CIOs, IT decision-makers, or software developers.

This part of an influencer analysis must be done manually, but it’s worth the effort.

2022 AI Influencers

Below is the 2022 AI influencer list leading the conversation about artificial intelligence. I created a Twitter list in case you would like to follow and understand the context of some of their conversations.

list of 2022 AI Influencers

I am certainly not saying that these are the most influential AI influencers. It depends on what you want to do once you’ve built your influencer list. At the bare minimum, you should be listening to these influencers to understand what’s top of mind regarding artificial intelligence.

In cases where you want to do some type of paid influencer activation, these might not be the influencers that you want to work with, especially if the influencer is a journalist.

Using the same methodology above, we created additional technology influencer lists below. Don’t forget: Use these lists as a starting point.

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