Clubhouse Influencers: Wait … Already?

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I was invited by a close friend of mine Jeremiah Owyang to Clubhouse back in November 2020. I have to admit that I’m more of a lurker than an active participant at this point. I have spent a lot of time listening to various speakers and I’ve even joined a few clubs as well.

At first, many of the rooms were focused on politics which didn’t really attract me at all. I was able to find some rooms related to 90s hip-hop and R&B as well as sports. It’s good to see that there are more diverse topics and rooms that people are creating and talking about, many of which are aligned with my interests.

So, the list below is less about general influence. These are people that I follow in Clubhouse and have listened to speak on various topics related to business and marketing. So these are individuals that influence me. Here’s a more robust analysis of the Clubhouse audience if you want to learn more about the users of the platform.

Please don’t take my word on whether or not these are the top digital transformation influencers. I would suggest to use this list as a starting point, and do your own influencer analysis using a combination of technology provider and some math. I recommend Onalytica, they are the leading influencer software provider. It’s integral that you include an influencer program as a part of your data-driven marketing program. Here are a few other technology influencer lists that have been manually curated in case you are interested:

I put together some helpful tips on how to work with B2B influencers. You can use this as a blueprint when you are identifying the most relevant influencers and launching your program.

Influencer Marketing Guide

It’s not good practice to manage influencer programs in a silo. It’s better to ensure that your program is fully integrated into your larger B2B social media marketing plan.

If you are interested, below are some resources that should help you with your influencer marketing journey in B2B and tech.

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