DevOps Influencers: Who’s Driving the DevOps Narrative?

These top DevOps influencers deliver industry thought leadership and insightful commentary on DevOps, DevSecOps, ITOps, and more. If you are trying to reach DevOps engineers and technologists, start paying attention to this group.

2023 Most Influential DevOps Thought Leaders & Technologists

What is DevOps?

DevOps is like the yin and yang of software development: it brings together two seemingly opposing concepts, development, and operations, which both benefit from. DevOps focuses on collaboration between stakeholders from conception to deployment, helping to optimize communication and proficiency throughout the process. This is the closest you can get to flaxen-haired harmony in production environments – it’s no wonder that more and more companies are adopting this magical practice! The graphic below summarizes the DevOps model in a pretty simple way.

What is DevOps?

These DevOps influencers are a diverse group of individuals ranging from researchers, analysts, reporters, and developer advocates. When measuring influence, it’s critical first to understand your goals and what you intend to do once you’ve identified the right group of people. If you work in public relations, the journalist might be the beginning of a media list. If you work in research, you might just analyze their conversations, reports, or published articles.

In either case, influence is subjective, and everyone has their own approach when identifying which influencers to work with. The most common way to identify influencers is by measuring reach, resonance, and relevance:

  • Reach: Community size
  • Resonance: Engagement
  • Relevance. Topical authority

I like to use one additional measure of reference. It looks at whether or not other influencers reference the influencer in the marketplace.

2022 Top DevOps Influencers

Here is a Twitter list of DevOps influencers below.

Top DevOps Influencers for 2022

When going through the process of identifying influencers, it’s critical to do more than just reference someone else’s list. I would suggest using this list as a starting point and doing your analysis using software and math. This would be the first step in influencer relations. I recommend Onalytica, as they are the leading influencer software provider. Or, you can get access to a free influencer research tool to start the initial process of building your list.

Using the same methodology above, we created additional technology influencer lists below. Don’t forget: Use these lists as a starting point.

From a media standpoint,, ZDNet, AiThority, and The Enterprisers Project are the leading publications driving DevOps coverage globally. See here for the best practices on how to market to software developers.

If you are interested, below are some resources that should help you with your influencer marketing journey.

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