HR Tech Influencers: Who’s Leading in HR, Workplace & Remote Work

These HR Tech influencers are driving the HCM technology narrative across social media, podcasts, articles, blogs and analyst reports.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Influencer Marketing

Scroll down to see the list of HR Tech Influencers. The pandemic in 2020 disrupted the workplace causing large enterprise organizations to invest in technology to help their employees work more productively and efficiently.

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With remote working and disparate teams, HR executives must think beyond the status quo and look to industry leaders for guidance around organizational development, Human Capital Management, employee engagement, and diversity & inclusion.

The below HR tech influencers are diverse and consist of traditional media, consultants, analysts, and HR technology practitioners. They consistently publish content across their social media channels, blogs, podcasts, and articles. These are not your typical “tech influencers” because their area of focus is on human resources in some way. I would also say that HR Tech Influencers can be described as employee engagement influencers, workplace influencers, remote work influencers, and general HR influencers.

When ranking influencers, we use an algorithm consisting of three integrated data points where we rely on AI-driven technology and algorithms to stack rank these influencers.  These three data points can be described as reach, relevance, and resonance.

There is a fourth step of this analysis. We call it reference, a human layered curation meant to identify whether or not third-party sources are referencing influencers. These third-party sources can be other influencers in the peer group, comments or quotes in traditional media, mentions by a specific HR audience, or mentions/comments within analyst reports.

For your convenience, here is a Twitter list of HR Tech influencers below.

HR Influencers

There are a lot of influencers who talk about the future of work and work from home and workplace trends. There’s a difference between futurists who are not practitioners to those who have worked in large companies and have years of experience building teams, hiring, and scaling organizations.

Taking this list with a grain of salt and doing your influencer research to ensure it aligns with your business goals and objectives is critical. I recommend using Onalytica, as they are the leading influencer software provider for B2B companies.

Here are a few other technology influencer lists that have been manually curated in case you are interested:

I put together some helpful tips on how to work with B2B and tech influencers. You can use this as a blueprint when you are identifying the most relevant influencers and launching your program.

Influencer Marketing Guide

In case you are interested, below are some resources that should help you with your influencer marketing journey.

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