HR Tech Influencers: Who’s Leading in HR, Workplace & Remote Work?

These top HR tech influencers deliver industry thought leadership and insightful commentary on HR, technology, and the future workplace. If you work in HR, start paying attention to this group.

To see their latest Tweets, I create this HR Influencer Twitter list.

What do HR influencers bring to the table?

The pandemic in 2020 disrupted the workplace causing large enterprise organizations to invest in technology to help their employees work more productively and efficiently.

With remote working and disparate teams, HR executives must think beyond the status quo and look to industry leaders for guidance on handling the new workplace. Remote work, organizational development, Human Capital Management (HCM), employee engagement, and diversity & inclusion are just a few areas that HR teams are focusing on moving into 2023.

As we’ve passed through the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and Quick Quitting are new issues that HR teams are trying to figure out.

The HR tech influencers above are diverse and consist of journalists, consultants, podcasters, analysts, and HR technology practitioners. They consistently publish content across their social media channels, blogs, podcasts, and articles.

These aren’t your typical “tech influencers” because they focus on technology through the unique lens of human resources, the digital workplace, and talent management. There are times when HR Tech Influencers can be described as employee engagement influencers, workplace influencers, remote work influencers, and general HR influencers. They are all of the above.

How were these HR influencers ranked?

I can assure you that this is not just a list based on how many followers they have on Twitter. It’s far from it.

When ranking influencers, we use an algorithm consisting of four integrated data points, leveraging AI and human layered curation to stack rank these HR influencers. These four data points are as follows:

  • Reach calculates audience size across all social networks.
  • Relevancy calculates how often they are talking about or publishing content related to this field. I often refer to this as topical relevancy.
  • Resonance is an engagement metric and calculates how audiences are engaging with that topical content.
  • Reference is a metric that identifies how many other influential sources (e.g., influencers, the media, analyst reports) reference this influencer.

The HR influencer landscape is busy, and it’s changing. Even though we interrogate the data and apply rigor in our analysis, you should do your own social media influencer research.

There are a lot of influencers who talk and Tweet about the future of work, digital transformation, and workplace trends. Remember, there’s a difference between “self-identified” influencers and futurists to practitioners. Futurists see the future. Practitioners have worked in large companies in the past and have years of experience building teams, hiring, and scaling organizations.

2022 HR Tech Influencers

Below is the 2022 HR tech influencer list.

An image of the top HR tech influencers for 2022

Using the same methodology above, we created additional technology influencer lists below. Don’t forget: Use these lists as a starting point.

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