What Are Analytical Skills Needed To Be Successful Working in Social?

What Are Analytical Skills Needed To Be Successful Working in Social?

The question of the century is: what are the analytical skills needed to be successful working in social media, marketing or OR?

By: Michael Brito

Category: Social Data & Analytics

Maybe we al think that we know what are analytical skills. It’s not what you think. Someone once told me that you had to be a data scientist in order to be effective at using data in your marketing job. They are wrong. Enjoy the video and subscribe to my Youtube channel to be the notified when new videos are added.

Today we’re talking about the analytical skills that you need to be successful at using data in your job. Now the keyword here is “using” data in your jobs.

What are analytical skills? Well, believe it or not the skills aren’t very technical. Here they are:

You have to have desire

This is self-explanatory, but you have to embrace data, and love it along the way, in order to make more informed decisions about PR, marketing or even just content.

So, desire is something that you can’t create. You either have it or you don’t. So when I’m looking to hire new candidates, I’m always looking for that inner desire to want to use data to make better informed decisions.

You need patience

In any analytics project, 70% of the work is done by a human. In other words, an analyst or someone just working with data is going to spend 70% of the time cleaning the data, blending the data, reading, exporting and mining data across different platforms. This also means reading articles or social media mentions as well as spending a lot of time writing Boolean logic.

This type of work stream takes a lot of time, therefore requires a vast amount of patience and focus.

Here is why this is important. As someone who is using data, it’s important to understand that you just can’t report on the numbers without any context. Context comes from human curation of data. And that also requires patience.

Experience using technology

There are dozens of technology providers that can be used to track the media, audiences, and social media content. Let me name a couple. On the media insights side, there is Muck Rack, Cision, and Meltwater. On the social intelligence side, you have Brandwatch, Synthesio, Netbase and others.

Each of these social listening platforms have different ways they collect data, report on the data, and visualize the data. They also have different mechanics of how to navigate the platforms as it relates to queries, dashboards, and searches.

So this analytic skill is one that’s going to take time and experience. It also will be determined based on what technology subscriptions that your company has for you to work with.

Being a good storyteller

As with most job functions in marketing and PR, it’s critical to learn how to be a good storyteller. This is the same for working in analytics. As I mentioned earlier, you need to have patience when you are working with analytics because you are manually reading through loads of information.

I also mentioned that when reporting on some analytics project, it’s critical to go beyond just the numbers and provide context into what the numbers actually mean. This is where being a good storyteller comes to fruition. This is also a skill that won’t come right away as it takes years of experience in this field and a strong understanding of your clients business or product.

So if you ask yourself, what are analytic skills that I need to learn in order to be successful? They are desire, patience, experience with technology and being a good storyteller.

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