Video: How to Get Your Audience’s Attention and Keep It!

In this video, I talk about metrics that can quantify your audience’s attention. The hypothesis is that if you create compelling stories and launch creative campaigns that already have a good product, your target audiences will pay attention. I want to emphasize the good product part.

Any company with a budget attempts to create a viral video or a cool campaign. But if you don’t deliver on that messaging, or your customer support is terrible, yes, you will get your audience’s attention. But it won’t be the type of attention you’re looking for.

How to Track Your Audience’s Attention

The first step in this process is to create an audience. There are several ways to do this, and it depends upon what technology you have at your disposal. I have created an audience analysis guide to walk you through the steps.

Tracking your audience’s attention is similar to a share voice analysis. But in this case, you are looking at one data set, which are the conversations among your audience over some time. So let’s say that your audience comprises technology enthusiasts between the ages of 28 and 45 and are working professionals.

Assuming you have already built the audience and have uploaded them into a listening platform, you would simply create a query using branded keywords and phrases and search their conversations. You would also want to do the same with competitive products or brands. This number will be a percentage when compared to those competitors and will give you an idea of how much attention you have compared to the others.

It may seem simple, and it is assuming you created your audience the right way.

How to Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Understanding your share of the audience’s attention is only half the battle. Once you set the benchmarks and understand where you are working from, you need to think about how to keep their attention and drive continuous engagement.

This is where real-time marketing and listening come into play.

Leveraging the same listening panel, you can track what your audience is talking about in real time by creating content that aligns with those interests. But I caution you. This isn’t an opportunity to spam your audience with self-serving brand messaging. Look at it more as an opportunity to add value to the conversation.

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