The Convergence of Social & Media Monitoring Software Tools

The Convergence of Social & Media Monitoring Software Tools

Social media monitoring tools & media intelligence software platforms are becoming closely integrated and will soon merge into one solution.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Social Data & Analytics

[Updated 5.9.2021] The social media monitoring software and analytics market is crowded and always has been. While the space continues to mature and innovate, it’s difficult to keep track of who comes, who goes, who social listening tools merge and which ones get acquired. This by no means is a comprehensive list of social media monitoring software tools and vendors in the marketplace nor has it been vetted, or audited by anybody else. This is just my perspective and my view based on my experience.

In any case, it’s clear that there is a convergence between social media monitoring tools and software that monitors traditional media coverage.


Outside of market leaders Cision and Meltwater, there are several other players in the media monitoring software space that have innovative and/or easy to use solutions:

  • MuckRack: Media monitoring, dashboards, journalist database, article share data.
  • Memo: Tracks article data on 3rd party publishers (UVMs, page views, referrals).
  • Newswhip: Tracks article share data, Facebook pages; with predictive platform.
  • Onclusive: Media monitoring with strong integration with Google Analytics.
  • Critical Mention: Media monitoring, dashboards, media contact database.
  • Signal AI: AI-driven media monitoring and reputation management.
  • Mentions: Traditional media monitoring and PR reporting.


I recorded a video last year in 2020 talking about the Forrester Wave’s Top Social Listening Platforms. Unfortunately, not all of the social media monitoring platforms made it into the report, but they all have features and functionality worthy of enterprise deployment.

For the most part, there is little differentiation between the social media monitoring tools in the market today. The functionality differences, scalability and cost are what might attract different buyers to these platforms based on business and technical requirements.

  • Synthesio [Acquired by Ipsos]: Synthesio is a sleeping giant if they can figure out how to integrate real-time polling/surveys with social intelligence. Considering that Ipsos is a research firm, I see this happening.
  • Pulsar Platform: Pulsar is a very flexible social listening platform and seamless integration with audience intelligence platform, Audiense.
  • Digimind: A social listening platform that also integrates Facebook, Instagram and anonymized LinkedIn post-level data.
  • Infegy: A social listening platform lead by text analytics and natural language processing. They have also built pre-existing segments of various types of audiences.
  • Netbase: A social listening platform with strong data analysis and visualization integration. They acquired Quid a few years ago which is excellent to analyze long form content.
  • Zignal Labs: A social listening platform that positions to them selves as being leaders in sentiment and reputation analytics.
  • Talkwalker: Social analytics and monitoring platform that has built-in, ready to use command centers. They also have a freemium model for users to test the capabilities.
  • Linkfluence [Acquired by Meltwater]. A social analytics and search engine.
  • ListenFirst: Social media analytics platform with audience intelligence and influencer identification.
  • Keyhole: A social listening, influencer tracking and social media analytics platform.

I don’t think Sprinklr or Khoros belong on this list because social listening software & analytics is really not their core competency.

From my perspective, there are two emerging leaders that are beginning to separate themselves from the pack. Cision and Meltwater are two platforms that originated purely for media monitoring of traditional news coverage and public relations. However, over the last 10+ years they have made significant acquisitions of various software applications that focus solely on influencer analytics and social media listening. Here’s a summary of all the acquisitions starting with Cision acquiring Brandwatch.

The social media monitoring space is ripe for innovation. I will be tracking of up-and-coming vendors, mergers & acquisition and existing platforms as they continue to add new capabilities to their software stack.

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