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Graphext is an advanced analytics solution that captures business data, enriches it, and provides powerful interactive visualizations to help companies harness insights, make data-driven decisions, and gain a competitive edge.


Graphext is a Madrid-based data analytics startup that was founded in 2017. The company provides a visual analytics platform to help users explore, analyze, and build predictive models more easily from their data. Graphext has raised $8.1 million in funding over five rounds, most recently a $4.6 million seed round in June 2023 led by Hoxton Ventures.

The startup was founded by Victoriano Izquierdo and Miguel Cantón Cortés, both of whom have computer science backgrounds. Graphext has around 22 employees, comprising engineers, data scientists, designers, and business roles. Key investors include Hoxton Ventures, SaxeCap, Trajectory Ventures, K Fund, and over 80 angel investors. The platform enables businesses to gain valuable insights and a competitive edge by tapping into the power of their data.


Graphext provides a visual analytics platform that enables users to explore, analyze, and build predictive models from their data. The platform can connect to data sources like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Excel, CSVs, and more. It allows easy visual exploration of data distributions, relationships, and clustering.

The platform also enables building machine learning models without coding through its no-code interface. These models can then be deployed and integrated into business workflows. Use cases include customer segmentation, predictive modeling, social media monitoring, SEO analysis, and more. Graphext aims to make advanced data analytics accessible to non-technical users through its intuitive visual interface and no-code ML capabilities.

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Uncovering Hidden Insights: How Graphext Transforms Our Social Media Analysis

Michael Brito


In leading a team of 40+ analysts and strategists, having the right tools is critical to extracting meaningful insights from endless online conversations. We’ve been using Graphext for the past few years to take our social listening and media analysis to the next level. Graphext’s natural language processing algorithms have been a game-changer for analyzing large volumes of unstructured text data.

We can detect sentiment, topics, keywords, named entities, and other linguistic features with just a few clicks. This level of automated text analytics usually requires building complex Python scripts. The platform’s interactive visualizations help us identify trends, patterns, and outliers across various social channels and news sources. We can instantly see how sentiment compares across new media, Twitter, Reddit, forums, and comments.

Analyzing hashtag usage and network connections exposes influencers and communities relevant to a topic or trend. Graphext’s extraction capabilities enable us to ingest social content from any source for a unified analysis. We can go beyond listening to obvious brand handles and hashtags to uncover relevant conversations across the broader social web. Combining text analytics, network analysis, and data visualization, Graphext gives the big-picture perspective for strategic social media monitoring. It delivers insights that are both wide and deep. Our reports have become sharper, our monitoring more proactive, and our analysis more contextual since making Graphext our go-to social text analytics platform.