Real Data: An Analysis of the 2020 Software Developer Audience

Real Data: An Analysis of the 2020 Software Developer Audience

An analysis of the Software Developer Audience in 2020 reveals that there are several sub-audiences that are very different from each other.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Influencer Marketing

Our analysis uncovered 9 distinct and unique software developer audience. This audience was created using bio search with unique self-identifiable key phrases like software developer, engineer and programmer. The audience analysis only covers 3 of the 9 segments – analysis here.

It’s important to understand different audiences and their behavior in order to predict future content marketing opportunities. Software developers do not like to be marketed to and so B2B companies must provide content that adds value to the conversation. Audience intelligence platforms can be used to dissect audiences and understand the keywords and phrases that the software developer audience uses and the media publications they read.

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Software Developer Audience

The software developer audience is unique. They are not fans of marketing and will call you out publicly if you aren’t providing value. Below is a quick snapshot of the unique interests and characteristics of the software developer audience.

It’s important to note that software developers are very technical individuals and have very technical conversations on social media. What they don’t like is when brands interrupt the conversation with marketing material. If you are a brand and want to reach software developers, you must create content that delivers value. This means that it should be considered a utility or some type of technical documentation that helps this audience solve a particular problem. In many cases, it’s good practice to have internal executives and subject matter expert be the ones to engage with software developers. When the conversation is authentic and real, software developers are more likely to open up and have an open dialogue.

There are several platforms that provide this level of detail when analyzing audiences. For this analysis are used Audiense, which is an audience intelligence platform that dissects in clusters various groups.

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