[VIDEO] Simplifying the Shopper Journey for Audiences on Social Media

Brands need rethink the shopper journey and provide unique experiences that will drive the path to purchase for social media audiences.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Analytics

My shopper journey really took off during the pandemic. I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on Amazon over the last several years, but it wasn’t until recently that I started purchasing products directly through Instagram. Why? It was easy.

This is one of the biggest social media trends of 2021. Social media applications are getting smarter at integrating social commerce natively into their apps and user experience. And this makes sense.

Social media users don’t like to click out of an app to achieve a task unless its intentional. They want that experience to be seamless and integrated with as few clicks as possible. Otherwise, their shopper journey is disrupted. Brands lose sales, customers get irritated and everyone loses.

It all started for me in March of 2020 when I bought a hoodie from a brand called BYLT Basics.  Their clothes are not only stylish than all the others but the material is extremely high quality.

Naturally, BYLT and about 15 of their competitors begin to retarget me after that purchase. Some consumers might get irritated when this happens. But not me. The more visibility and access I had to new independent clothing brands, the better.

The beauty about all of this is that my shopper journey was never disrupted. The only issue I had, which I still have today, is figuring out which button is the back button on my iPhone. If you’ve never noticed, there is a back button at the top of the screen and also at the bottom.

As brands are thinking through the shopper journey model, it’s critical that they put the needs of their customer first and then reap the benefits of sales and repeat sales, which could easily be done with a customer advocacy program. The goal should be to make it as easy as possible for audiences on social media to buy. These consumer insights can be extracted using shopper journey research and for business brands, an analysis of the B2B buyer journey.

I really hope you enjoyed this video. I do my best to create content that’s actionable and provides value to the work you do.

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