PR & Earned Media Measurement: Cision’s 2020 Comms Report

PR & Earned Media Measurement: Cision’s 2020 Comms Report

PR measurement along with the investment in media measurement tools are important to illustrate business value to all stakeholders.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Social Data & Analytics

PR & earned media measurement is a sore spot for many. Thankfully, Cision recently released their 2020 Comms report “Measuring up to The Moment” which addresses this head on.

In the following video, I breakdown PR measurement along with a few data points that are close to my heart and talk through some of the implications and opportunities for brands. You can always skip the video and download the report here.

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Partial Transcripts Below

Hey guys thank you so much for coming back to this week’s video. Today I’m going to talk about PR measurement and the importance of media measurement tools. More importantly, I’ll be addressing why it’s important for brands today to measure PR the right way.

Now Cision recently released their 2020 Comms Report which answers a lot of questions about public relations and provides insights into earned media, influencer marketing, and so much more.

I am not going to go through the entire report, but I have highlighted a few data points which I think are very impactful for PR measurement in general.

The first data point that I found interesting was that over 30% of respondents believe that the PR industry does not measure the effectiveness of earned media or show its impact. I would argue that we have come a long way in measurement and there are very innovative PR platforms that can show business value. I think the bigger issue is that many PR pros don’t know what platforms and tools  are in the market that can measure earned media.

Another data point that I want to talk about is PR budget allocations. About 70% of the respondents spend less than 10% of their budget on media measurement. Depending upon the size of the company, I believe that 10% is way too low and should be reprioritized. It’s understandable though because many media measurement tools and platforms are very expensive.

Also, respondents were asked what their single most challenge in managing public relations programs. The answers range from budgeting and support from executives to media outreach, content creation and influencer engagement. The ironic thing is that respondent aren’t spending adequate budgetary resources on media measurement yet cite it as one of the most difficult things to do.

Go figure.

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