Top US Brands that Consumers Can’t Live Without

Prophet’s Brand Relevance Index study highlights the top US brands that consumers cannot live without across multiple verticals.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Content

I enjoyed reading Prophet’s Brand Relevance Index study highlighting the top US brands that consumers cannot live without, which I also personally hold in very high regard. You’ll notice a lot of the same players in other brand studies, the ones that typically dominate the headlines–Apple, Amazon, Nike, Southwest. There were a few surprises though … but I won’t ruin the fun. You’ll have to read through the study yourself.

The index comprised of 4 main principles and the top brands were stack ranked in each one:

  • Customer Obsessed: Everything these brands invest in, create and bring to market is designed to meet important needs in people’s lives. These are the brands we can’t imagine living without (Netflix, Pixar, KitchenAid, Trader Joe’s.)
  • Ruthlessly Pragmatic: These brands make sure their products are available where and when customers need them, deliver consistent experiences, and simply make life easier for their customers. These are the brands we depend on (Keurig, Intuit’s Turbo Tax, Chick-fil-A, Kleenex.)
  • Distinctively Inspired: These brands make emotional connections, earn trust and often exist to fulfill a larger purpose. These brands inspire us (Pinterest, Lego, Food Network, Nike.)
  • Pervasively Innovative: These brands don’t rest on their laurels. Even as industry leaders, they push the status quo, engage with customers in new and creative ways and find new ways to address unmet needs. These are the innovative companies (Sony PlayStation, Dyson, Marvel, Google.)

I think it’s important to point out that what makes the top US brands special is the product or service and the experience they give to consumers when they use them, feel them, wear them, or spend time with them.

It’s also important to point out that the top US brands will change year to year. It all depends upon preferences, lifestyles, the culture that we live in and general consumer insights.

They sliced and diced the data several different ways, but I found the category leaders to be most useful. See below.

Top US brands

I am a firm believer that the combination of primary research coupled with social/web/ and other media insights provides a complete picture when forming a hypothesis. Typically, social data will tell us the “what”, while primary research will tell us the “why.” I think it would be interesting to validate some of these findings using an additional data set.

Here’s a similar analysis but measuring the best brands on social media in 2021 or you can check and see who the top journalists are that C-suite executives follow on social media.

Read the study and enjoy.

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