Video: How to Create an Influence Map That Delivers Insights

In this video, I will show you how to create an influence map that delivers actionable insights for marketers and PR professionals.

What is an influence map?

An influence map is an approach marketers use to understand the influence of different people in a network. It helps brands identify, navigate, and engage with the right influencers when activating digital marketing programs and campaigns.

The influence map uses data science, machine learning, and network graph analysis to show how influencers are connected visually. Here’s an example of a map from Onalytica:

What is an influence map?

You’ll notice that the influence map is connected to a series of nodes. In this context, a node is an influencer, but it can also be a social account or organization connected to the map. You can see how many nodes are connected within the network.

An influence map can give marketers more context on which influencers to collaborate with based on how connected each influencer is within the network. Sometimes, it can surface new influencers that weren’t originally in the data set. In any case, it gives more context into the full network’s sphere of influence.

What is a sphere of influence?

The sphere of influence is the result of a map analysis.

A sphere of influence is the total reach of a person, which can be broken down into four types: internal, network, external, and overall. Internal influencers are those within an organization who have direct contact with the brand; network influencers refer to people in the organization’s industry; external refers to people outside of the organization’s industry that support it; and overall influence is the sum of all four.

By mapping influencers, marketers gain more insight into how these different spheres interact and better understand who they should collaborate with for maximum impact. It also helps brands understand their competitive landscape and identify opportunities for growth within their market.

Ultimately, an influencer map opens up new possibilities for brand partnerships and provides data insights on who they should engage with when launching a digital marketing campaign.

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