Influencer Marketing Resources for B2B Professionals

Please enjoy this curated list of influencer marketing resources which are all based on real and previous work, planning and activation.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Influencer Marketing

Below is a curated list of content I have written about B2B influencer marketing resources based on real experience. Although I pride myself on continuous learning, you’ll find no fluff or theory in what’s been written.

These influencer marketing resources are not just published stats by a 3rd part research firm. These are resources based on previous work I have done in the past. They should be useful to you as you are planning on building an influencer marketing programs.  Enjoy and please share if you find value.  Thank you.

Influencer Marketing Resources

Scaled Influence: Winning the War of Brand Relevance B2B Influencer Marketing: A white paper that Kriselle Laran and I wrote that breaks down the who, what, where and why of influencer marketing resources. At Zeno, we apply this methodology for our tech clients. It works.

The Differences Between Influencer Marketing for Consumer and B2B Brands: A breakdown of the main differences between influencer marketing for consumer and B2B/technology brands–FTC regulations, paid content, research and more. Despite the differences, there are several similarities too.

Creating Trust-Based Relationships with B2B Influencer Programs: A blog post I wrote about the importance of influencer marketing resources and how it can drive trust among B2B buyers. This is probably the only post that might be construed as theory.

Activating B2B Influencers Across Earned, Owned, Shared & Paid media: A byline I wrote for MarketingLand that explores the tactics on how marketers can leverage influencer marketing resources across all of the brand’s channels–paid, earned, shared and owned media. All tactics have been tested and have produced tangible results for both consumer, B2B and healthcare brands.

How Researching B2B influencers Can Deliver Actionable Intelligence: A byline I wrote for MarketingLand that examines how marketers can use data, analytics, and research to study groups of influencers. It’s real data, no fluff whatsoever because that’s how I do it.

B2B Decision Makers Are Tired of the Same Old Marketing: A byline I wrote for Adweek that shows how marketers can profile influencers in order to get a deeper understanding of their unique characteristics and behaviors. This approach is excellent for media relations pros so they can be prepared when are ready to pitch a story.

Planning Your B2B Marketing Strategy: A LinkedIn post I wrote that discusses the approach of building real-time listening panels of influencer conversations in order to engage with them when it matters. Think of a listening panel as a Google search, but the content returned is ONLY from your targeted group of influencers, not everyone else.

The 1:9:90 Model: A New Approach To B2B Influencer Marketing: A byline I wrote in Forbes that examines the 1:9:90 model of influence and how that applies to B2B marketers. It actually applies to consumer and healthcare brands too.

2018: The Year of Influencer Marketing for B2B Brands: A byline I wrote for MarketingLand about the need to segment B2B audiences, closely examining the 1%–influencers. I also talk about the methodology of measuring influence–reach, relevance, resonance, and reference.

It’s not good practice to manage influencer programs in a silo. It’s better to ensure that your program is fully integrated into your larger B2B social media marketing plan.

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