Employee Advocacy = Participation Marketing With Purpose

Employee Advocacy = Participation Marketing With Purpose

Employee brand advocacy should be backed by data, a budget, documented marketing goals and an enterprise technology solution.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Employee Advocacy

This is how employee advocacy works.

So, there’s a data scientist who works for you company. She has several patents, speaks at industry conferences and is a frequent contributor on the company blog. At times, she’s referenced in the media about her award-winning work in AI and Machine Learning.

She decides to write a blog post about the future of artificial intelligence. She posts it on her personal LinkedIn blog & then shares it on her social media channels.  Her followers – other data scientists, engineers, developers and IT leaders read the post, comment on it, and provide their own unique perspective on the topic. They share it.

Eventually, Google indexes here content. ? The rest of market reads it, they ask their work colleagues about it and then they share the blog post internally with their IT leaders.

The marketing team realizes how successful the blog has been and decides to repurpose it into a white paper or eBook. It’s gated on the web site. Added to Slideshare. Shared from company-branded social channels. Suddenly the potential for a slew of new leads are on the table.

What’s important to understand is that in order for employee advocacy to be effective, company culture must be strong. The last thing you want is hundreds of employees sharing negative their thoughts, opinions and experiences about the company.

Lastly, one of the core dependencies of launching a successful employee advocacy program is technology. There are many enterprise technology providers in the marketplace today. It’s important to do research and identify the software platform That can meet your business requirements.

This is the 1:9:90 model of influence in action. This is participation marketing.

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