5 Reasons To Work With Brand Ambassadors: Building Real Relationships

Peer-to-peer marketing drives 20-50% of purchasing decisions. When a friend recommends a product, it's 50x more likely to trigger a purchase

Brand ambassadors hold tremendous untapped potential for companies aiming to drive awareness, engagement, and sales. Yet many brands underutilize or overlook their most passionate devotees right under their noses. Authentic fans who already champion brands out of sheer enthusiasm offer invaluable grassroots promotion and credibility. By nurturing relationships with brand loyalists, providing exclusive access and community, and empowering advocates, brands can optimize this vocal base into a critical growth engine.

This article explores compelling strategies for identifying and leveraging existing brand enthusiasts, drawing out unique insights from their experiences, and converting their organic love into exponential impact. For companies struggling to cut through the promotional noise, unlocking the power of unpaid brand devotees merits priority focus. Their genuine passion persuades them in places corporate marketing cannot reach.

5 Reasons To Work With Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors can be a powerful asset for companies looking to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Here are 5 compelling reasons to develop relationships with your existing brand ambassadors and leverage their passion for your brand:

They already love youLeverage existing brand loyalists who organically promote due to passionIncreased awareness, credibility, loyaltyIdentify and engage top unpaid evangelists; provide brand assets to fuel promotion
They are trustedBuyers trust organic recommendations over ads; ambassadors leave trails of influenceHigher trust, consideration, conversionAmplify and encourage authentic ambassador content
They reach new audiencesSupport ambassadors to promote the brand within their networksExpanded reach, targeted promotionSupport ambassadors to promote brand within their networks
They can drive salesWord-of-mouth drives sales through social proof and peer influenceMore conversions, revenue, accelerated growthEmpower ambassadors with referrals, reviews, case studies
It’s cost-effectiveOrganic promotion costs less than paid influencersBudget-friendly growth, higher ROIIdentify and nurture unpaid evangelists; provide non-monetary perks

1. Brand Ambassadors Already Love You

The most dedicated brand ambassadors are people with strong emotional connections and loyalty to your product or brand. These individuals love your brand so much that they promote you organically without any incentive or direction from your company. They talk up your brand to friends, family, and online networks simply because they authentically love your products and want to share their positive experiences.

Brand ambassadors believe in your brand and want to see it succeed. They take pride in being associated with your company and feel it reflects well on their image and personality. Their passion runs so deep that they essentially act as unpaid marketing agents, promoting you of their own volition out of brand love.


Identify and empower existing brand loyalists who promote organically out of genuine passion. Their advocacy is invaluable for driving authentic awareness.

Tapping into this pre-existing brand loyalty and affinity is tremendously valuable. These built-in advocates will proudly spread branded content and messaging within their influence. Their grassroots promotion is more authentic and trustworthy than traditional ads or influencer marketing. And their organic word-of-mouth exposure costs you nothing.

Recognizing and engaging your unofficial brand ambassadors strengthens their emotional connection and loyalty. Make them feel valued, heard, and involved, and they will repay you with even more enthusiastic brand promotion. Their passion is a precious asset – nurture it and let it power strong organic growth for your brand.

2. Brand Ambassadors are Trusted

Buyers today undergo extensive online research before purchasing. Studies show that over 90% of buyers conduct online research across search, social media, and review sites before committing to a brand.

Throughout this buyer’s journey, brand ambassadors leave trails of “breadcrumbs” that can significantly influence purchase decisions. When ambassadors authentically rave about a product or service they love on social media, in reviews, blogs, and real-life word-of-mouth, those crumbs are readily devoured by prospective buyers hunting for trustworthy guidance.

Recommendations from friends, family, and neutral third parties are 12 times more likely to drive a purchase than brand-sponsored content. Consumers trust the opinions of real ambassadors who have no incentive to promote besides their passion.


Amplify and encourage authentic content from brand advocates. Their organic recommendations build trust and consideration with buyers.

These unofficial evangelists act as guides for buyers navigating their decision journeys. Their impact is massive at every stage, from initial discovery and consideration to evaluation and selection. The breadcrumb trails left by genuine, unpaid ambassadors have far more influence than sponsored promotions.

Savvy brands recognize the tremendous value of amplifying and encouraging these organic brand advocates. By proactively engaging ambassadors, providing support, and thanking them for their impact, brands can nurture more enthusiastic word-of-mouth promotion. This results in more influential breadcrumbs, greater brand trust and affinity, and increased sales.

3. Brand Ambassadors Can Reach New Audiences

Brand ambassadors are often highly embedded within niche micro-communities centered around interests, hobbies, values, demographics, and more. These micro-communities congregate online and offline in forums, groups, events, and networks of like-minded individuals.

Ambassadors organically spread brand love within their micro-communities, exposing your brand to new audiences you may not be able to reach yourself. Their insider status within these tight-knit groups gives them tremendous influence to drive awareness, interest, and adoption among new consumers.

For example, a makeup ambassador might promote her favorite cosmetics brand within her beauty vloggers and influencers network. A CrossFit devotee could share his top sports nutrition products with his fellow athletes. A gaming fanatic can suggest his preferred gaming gear to friends and forums.


Support ambassadors in niche micro-communities to tap into new demographics and expand reach. Contextual promotion resonates.

The brand exposure generated by ambassadors in their micro-communities is highly targeted and contextual. Their status within each niche lends credibility and trust to their recommendations. Brands that recognize and support these grassroots evangelists can gain access to entirely new demographics, psychographics, and buyer personas without paying a dime.

By amplifying ambassadors and providing incentives for further promotion, brands can nurture existing micro-communities and identify new ones ripe for organic penetration. The more a brand can spread through ambassador networks, the greater the potential for exponential growth through word-of-mouth.

4. Brand Ambassadors Drive Sales

Word-of-mouth marketing from genuine brand ambassadors is one of the most powerful ways to influence buyers and drive sales. Authentic endorsements leverage psychological triggers like social proof and reciprocity to spur purchasing in a way that traditional ads cannot.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of marketing. In a B2B setting, peer reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can be even more influential during the buyer’s journey.

For example, when IT decision-makers are researching new software, hands-on validation from other users carries enormous weight. During evaluation, testimonials and referrals from colleagues, peers, and experts within their networks are extremely impactful.

If a few passionate ambassadors organically champion a product within an industry community, the ripple effect on brand perception can be dramatic. Positive word-of-mouth in niche professional circles enables referred sales opportunities and the ability to reach key decision-makers at scale.

Progressive brands actively empower and equip their top evangelists to amplify reach through case studies, reviews, referrals, and community engagement. By leveraging authentic peer influence, they cost-effectively penetrate new accounts and segments. Monitoring ambassador sentiment and activity provides real-time visibility into sales opportunities and pipelines.

Ultimately, harnessing the voice of unbiased experts and users accelerates trust, consideration, and purchase. Brand ambassadors are the ideal influencers to catalyze widespread word-of-mouth momentum.

5. Working with Brand Ambassadors is Cost-Effective

Developing relationships with authentic brand ambassadors can be a highly cost-effective strategy for brands looking to stretch their marketing budgets. Unlike paid sponsorships with top-tier influencers, unpaid evangelists promote organically out of passion rather than payment.


Nurture relationships with unpaid advocates over paid influencers. Grassroots promotion offers cost-effective credibility.

Cultivating more brand advocates requires little investment – just time, resources, and relationship-building from marketing teams. The payoff, however, can be tremendous.

For example, identifying influencers and power users already organically talking about your brand on social media enables free amplification and credibility. Providing these ambassadors with exclusive access, content assets, and brand swag fuels further promotion at little cost.

Nurturing user communities and forums creates an expanding echo chamber for evangelists to spread the brand message organically. The more ambassadors you empower, the greater your word-of-mouth reach grows exponentially.

Of course, the most valuable ambassadors should still be rewarded for their impact. But smaller incentives like free products, early access, credits, and discounts can secure their continued support. Compared to six-figure influencer payouts, these relatively minor investments drive outsized returns.

For startups and smaller brands, grassroots brand ambassador programs are an affordable way to spread awareness and trust rapidly. The organic evangelism of devoted users offers priceless credibility that paid promotions struggle to achieve.

Overall, harnessing the voice of fans to promote from the heart rather than for pay is the definition of marketing efficiency. Loyal brand ambassadors will eagerly spread the word for free.

What are Brand Ambassadors?

A brand ambassador is a customer, user, or fan who passionately promotes and advocates for a brand in an authentic, unpaid capacity. While celebrity influencers are paid spokespeople, true ambassadors champion brands out of genuine enthusiasm rather than formal sponsorship deals.

Brand ambassadors are fiercely loyal customers who love sharing their positive experiences any chance they get. Their advocacy stems from a sincere emotional connection and desire to support a brand they believe in. Ambassadors proudly sport branded merchandise, rave about new product releases, provide referrals and testimonials, and organically mention brands in conversations and on social media.

The ambassador’s relationship with a brand is based on a psychological attachment beyond a simple transaction. They take pride in their association with the brand because it reflects their identity and values. Ambassadors tend to be very involved with brands, providing feedback and ideas in hopes of seeing the company grow and improve.

While most ambassadors promote unpaid, brands can formalize relationships by providing exclusive perks and rewards in exchange for amplified impact. But at their core, ambassadors are fans who will evangelize brands they love with or without incentives. Their passion is authentic, not bought.

What do Brand Ambassadors Do?

Brand ambassadors are passionate devotees who build awareness and affinity for brands through organic, unpaid promotion. Unlike paid celebrity sponsorships, these grassroots advocates spread positivity purely from genuinely enjoying a product or service.

Ambassadors proudly sport branded apparel, rave about new releases in social conversations, provide glowing testimonials, refer friends and family, and bring up their favorite brands in everyday discussions. They embody the brand story and values in their identity. The most influential ambassadors extend their reach by creating content and forging connections within their networks of influencers, media figures, and industry experts. Their authentic peer-to-peer influence provides a powerful endorphin far more credible than any corporate marketing.

Do Brand Ambassadors Get Paid?

The best brand ambassadors advocate for brands out of genuine passion and connection, not for monetary compensation. Authentic ambassadors spread positive word-of-mouth and promote products they love organically, whether or not they are part of an official program. Getting paid could undermine their credibility.

However, there are several other meaningful ways brands can show appreciation and provide value to their community of advocates beyond direct payment:

RewardDescriptionBenefitsExecution Tips
ListenSolicit open feedback, act on suggestionsFeel valued, strengthen loyaltySurveys, focus groups, private community
Build CommunityFacilitate ambassador connectionsOrganic engagement, insightsManage and incentivize participation
Give AccessExclusive early product previewsFeel valued, privileged, investedClearly communicate expectations
Surprise & DelightUnexpected rewards and appreciationExcitement, motivationCreativity, gamification, public recognition

Be Human & Listen

The most valuable thing brands can offer their ambassadors is to listen. By regularly soliciting open and honest feedback directly from passionate users, companies gain invaluable insights into the customer experience.

Rather than making assumptions, brands should have always-on channels for ambassadors to provide observations, suggestions, and critiques. This could include forming private online communities, sending surveys, or holding focus groups.

Active listening demonstrates respect for customers and gives them a voice in shaping the business. Brands must be prepared to act on input by addressing pain points and improving weak areas. When ambassadors feel heard and see their feedback spur tangible changes, it validates their importance while increasing loyalty.


Listen and implement feedback from brand devotees to strengthen emotional bonds beyond transactions. Taking action fosters loyalty.

For example, product management software company ProductBoard engages its power users through Product Makers, a private online community. Ambassadors participate in polls and Q&As with the founders and submit product ideas and feedback. Multiple product improvements have been made based directly on this two-way dialogue.

Listening to ambassadors strengthens relationships beyond transactions. It shows customers they are valued partners, not just sources of revenue. This fosters brand advocacy far more authentic and impactful than any advertising.

Build a Community

Bringing brand ambassadors together into an engaged online community cultivates greater advocacy and insight. Dedicated online forums allow customers to interact with like-minded enthusiasts and experts. This facilitates peer-to-peer learning, issues troubleshooting, and sharing best practices.

Community members will eagerly provide product feedback, feature requests, and other suggestions to each other and brand representatives. This essentially functions as a built-in, real-time focus group.


Bring together ambassadors in an online community for organic insights and amplified evangelism. Cultivated connections go deep.

For example, the Nikon Ambassadors photography community contains over 100,000 members across the globe. Ambassadors share images, technique tips, and industry news and provide Nikon with ongoing user feedback in the forum. This passionate ecosystem strengthens the brand and community.

Brands should nurture this peer influence opportunity through community management. Provide incentives for participation, recognize top contributors, share exclusive content and host live events. These cultivated connections build relationships on a deeper level.

An ambassador community is a valuable listening channel, early warning system, and innovation incubator. Customers feel invested in the brand when given a seat at the table. The community then becomes a multiplier for awareness, engagement, and advocacy.

Give Exclusive Access

Providing brand ambassadors with exclusive early access to new products or service features helps make them feel like VIP partners in the development process. Their input during these test phases is invaluable for identifying issues and opportunities before broad public release.

For example, LinkedIn invites a select group of power users to pilot new features on their platform. The feedback from these trusted voices shapes everything from UI design to functionality. LinkedIn can refine and validate offerings by previewing changes with real-world users first.

Giving ambassadors sneak peeks and using upcoming offerings before the general market makes them feel valued and heard. Their unique perspectives provide actionable user-driven insights that traditional focus groups cannot match.


Give ambassadors exclusive early access to products and updates to make them feel valued. VIP status builds advocates.

Granting insider access conveys a sense of trust and privilege that deepens ambassadors’ relationship with the brand. Their positive experiences during closed tests excite them to generate buzz among their networks. They become invested in sharing the value propositions they helped shape.

This VIP treatment transforms ambassadors into partners and advocates who feel confident recommending new rollouts because they have used them firsthand. Early access gives brands built-in launch momentum.

Surprise & Delight

While not expected, small surprise rewards and acknowledgments delight brand ambassadors. Even nominal gifts like exclusive brand merch, gift cards, or handwritten thank-you notes make advocates feel appreciated.

These thoughtful touches show that a brand recognizes and values its contributions – without exchanging direct payments. Ambassadors are passionate about sharing their honest love for products, not promoting solely for compensation.

Surprise rewards also introduce an element of fun gamification into ambassador programs. Brands could reward top advocates monthly with prize boxes, bonus points, or free products. Announcing these recognitions publicly across the ambassador community fuels friendly competition.

For example, Starbucks has a well-known ambassador program provides exclusive experiences like first access to new drinks, special events, early concert tickets, and surprise rewards. These unexpected delights surprise and excite fans.

The gesture does not have to be expensive. Authentic brand loyalists appreciate being acknowledged for their voluntary efforts. Small tokens of gratitude go a long way in making advocates feel special and energizing their ongoing engagement. A little creativity produces immense goodwill.

Brand ambassadors promote brands at their core because they believe in the products and want to share their positivity. Monetary incentives could dilute that organic passion and advocacy. Better ways to recognize and reward authentic fans strengthen communities and loyalty

How to Find Brand Ambassadors

Brands can leverage several strategies to identify and recruit authentic fans who would make ideal unpaid brand ambassadors:

  • Segment Your Email List – Analyze customer data to segment your email list by purchase history, frequency, recency, preferences, and engagement. Isolate super fans who constantly interact with messaging and have made repeat purchases. Target this VIP group with exclusive offers to join the ambassador program.
  • Engage Social FollowersMonitor your branded social channels to identify followers who actively like, comment, and share your content. These highly engaged community members are primed for ambassador outreach. Promote the program through organic posts and DM outreach to convert socially active fans.
  • Listen on Social Media – Use social listening tools to identify unpaid evangelists already mentioning your brand organically. Look for promoters on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook groups and more. Track positive sentiment and volume to uncover experts and influencers perfect for formal ambassador relationships.
  • Survey Your Base – Ask customers directly through surveys and website polls if they want to become a brand ambassador. Offer incentives for participating and provide program details to get a commitment.
  • Host Contests/Challenges – Generate excitement by hosting social contests and campaigns challenging followers to showcase their brand love for prizes and ambassador status. These interactive activations organically surface your most creative and enthusiastic fans.
  • Go to Events – Attend live industry events or brand gatherings to network and recruit standout attendees in person. The face-to-face outreach and VIP experience convert high-value prospects.

Get creative, exploring multiple avenues to uncover your best potential brand advocates. Combine digital listening and outreach with real-world networking for an omnichannel approach. Targeting existing brand loyalists smartly builds an impactful ambassador program.

Wrap-Up Thoughts

Brand ambassadors should never be taken for granted as guaranteed assets. They require ongoing nurturing and support to strengthen their emotional bonds with brands. Yet the returns from authentic peer influence make dedicated ambassador programs worth the investment.

Identifying and empowering impassioned experts and users to organically spread awareness offers limitless potential for any company. Brand ambassadors already love the products and want to be involved. When treated as valued partners, their grassroots promotion builds trust and community at scale. The power of ambassador evangelism starts with recognizing untapped potential already at hand. Brand devotion is there – now brands must cultivate it.

Michael Brito

Michael Brito is a Digital OG. He’s been building brands online since Al Gore invented the Internet. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.