Clubhouse Audience Analysis: How Social Audio is Changing

Clubhouse Audience Analysis: How Social Audio is Changing

Clubhouse audience data has shifted dramatically since the summer of 2020. Learn more about this audience below.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Social Data & Analytics

With all the hype of Clubhouse and other social audio applications, we decided to do an analysis of the Clubhouse audience data in order to understand how the audience is changing from early adoption two more main stream usage. In early 2020, there were 3 core Clubhouse audiences–the media also referred to as the Technology Editor, Founders & Start ups, and Creators working in the music and entertainment industry.

The data below was collected using social handles that were promoting Clubhouse rooms or talking about the rooms they attended in general. The data was clustered and analyzed based on bio descriptions and follower relationships.

We also looked at Clubhouse audience data to see what topics have been trending.

Clubhouse Data

The Clubhouse audience data below is a double click on the audience based on core demographics, unique interests and media affinities. You’ll notice the data below replicates that of “silicon valley insiders” which is expected. Most of the early users were founders, VCs, and investors.

Clubhouse Insights

We then explored a new data set of social handles collected over the last four months from October 2020 to February 2021. The methodology was the same. We collected the social handles of those talking about Clubhouse rooms and inviting others to attend.

As you can see, the Clubhouse audience has shifted and has become more diverse. The core audience segments are the following:

  • Female Business & Strategists
  • Founder & Startups (Consistent with the original audience)
  • Tech & Social Media
  • UK & Nigerian Technologists
  • Black Entrepreneurs

The social audio platform continues to grow exponentially and add new users daily. It’s safe to say that based on the Clubhouse analysis and data, that the audience will continue to shift, grow and change until it finally reaches mass adoption.

Clubhouse Analysis

Similar to the original audience above, we double clicked down on the current Clubhouse audience to understand the basic demographics, interest, and media affinities in order to see how it has changed. As already mentioned, the audience has become more diverse going from 66% males down to just 52%. The diversity in profession is also expanding and changing.

Clubhouse Insights

I hope this Clubhouse data and audience analysis was helpful. For more Clubhouse content, see below:

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