Instagram News, Features & Product Updates for Businesses and Users

Below are the latest Instagram platform updates, product features, and general news. Updated 02.16.2023.

Instagram Brings Chat to Channels Broadcast: Instagram is launching a new feature called ‘Instagram Channels,’ a group messaging function within the app to stay updated on topics, brands, and creators. The chat will support text, images, and a polling feature. 02.16.2022

Instagram Allows Gifts to All Creators in the US: Instagram announced that all eligible Reels creators in the US could accept virtual gifts from their followers. Good news for all you content creators. 02.09.2023

Instagram Will Help Users Regain Access to Locked Accounts: Instagram has added new tools to help users regain access to locked accounts. They have set up a new recovery center to guide users through getting back into their accounts. If you get locked out for some reason, you can go directly to to get the process started. 12.28.2022.

JUST RELEASED: The 2023 Instagram Trend Report: Instagram released the 2023 Trends Report, highlighting Gen Z usage, trends, and predictions for the upcoming year. The data comes from user insights in the app and a survey. 12.11.2022

Instagram’s Testing DM Labels for Business Accounts: Instagram has developed a new set of DM labels for business accounts, making it easier to manage customer inquiries. This feature will benefit smaller companies that don’t have CRM capabilities. 12.06.2022

Instagram Releases In-App Post Scheduling for Pro Accounts: Instagram is finally releasing the new in-app scheduling tool for all professional accounts. Users will now have the option to schedule photos, carousels, and Reels, for up to 75 days in the future. 11.08.2022.

Learn How To Manage Your Instagram Channel Efficiently: If you’re anything like me, it could not be easy to find time to manage multiple channels along with your busy day. This cool Instagram infographic just launched and gives you practical tips and advice on managing your Instagram channel efficiently. Note: This was not created by Instagram.

Instagram Launches New ‘Creator Portfolio’ Showcase: Instagram announced the ‘Creator Portfolio,’ allowing creators to build a media kit to showcase their work, audience reach, campaign results, and more. Instagram is looking to retain its top creator talent and keep them from moving to TikTok or YouTube.

Instagram Introduces New Safety Features: Instagram is launching new safety tools to give users more control over their experiences, such as more advanced user blocking, automation to safeguard users from inappropriate responses, and negative engagement alerts.

Instagram’s Testing a New Option to Add Music to Profiles: There is no official word from Instagram, but it looks like it is testing the ability to add a song when someone visits your profile. Check the thread below.

Instagram Experiments with Multiple Links in Bios: Instagram has increased access to a new feature that enables creators to add several links to their Instagram profile as they look to expand features for brands and creators. Many Instagram users are still waiting for links in captions.

How Does Instagram Suggest New Content?: This engineering team at Meta shares insights into how ‘Suggested Posts’ are recommended in user feeds. The update is technical, but at a very high level, the algorithm is based on implicit signals, e.g., the actions you (and your network) take in the app.

Instagram Embraces Nostalgia, Supporting Samsung Flip Phones: Flip phones are back, and Instagram has wasted no time building capabilities allowing users to ‘create’ hands-free on Instagram. With these updates, flip phone users can fold the phone and record hands-free videos, Stories, and Reels without a tripod. They have also improved load times and support for higher-resolution videos.

Instagram Almost There With Native Scheduling: Instagram is finally developing a scheduling feature when posting natively within the app, an ongoing request from social media managers. The new feature will enable users to schedule all posts, including Reels and Stories.

Instagram Testing BeReal Like Features: BeReal is a new app taking Gen Zers by storm. The app encourages users to “show your friends who you are, for once” by removing overly produced filters and opportunities to stage, over-think, or edit photos. In response, Instagram released a ‘Dual’ camera mode, which enables users to capture content and their reaction simultaneously, using both cameras on the phone.

Instagram Expands NFT Display Options: Instagram is making its NFT display option available in more than 100 countries, meaning that most users can now display their own collectibles in the app.

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