2023 Reddit Latest News, Product Updates, Reports & Announcements

Below are the latest Reddit product news, updates, and announcements. Updated 08.24.2023

2023 Reddit Latest Product Updates, News, Reports & Announcements

Reddit Expands Interest-Based Ad Targeting: Reddit is broadening its ad targeting capabilities by introducing interest-based targeting. This enhancement allows advertisers to reach users based on their interactions with specific content categories. Reddit’s interest-based targeting is powered by the platform’s vast data on user interactions, ensuring ads are displayed to the most relevant audiences. This feature is available for all ad placements, including Feed, Search, and Popular. Reddit emphasizes that this update allows brands to connect with passionate communities and drive meaningful engagement.

Reddit Report Shows Massive Opportunity for Gaming Marketers: Reddit has released a new report on the platform’s potential for gaming marketers, citing its significant reach to dedicated and passionate gamer communities. With subreddits like r/gaming boasting over 36.5 million members, Reddit presents a massive opportunity for brands to tap into a highly engaged audience looking for new purchase opportunities. 03.24.2023

Reddit Launches Streamlined Ad Creation Process with ‘Simple Create’ Option: Reddit has unveiled a new ‘Simple Create’ option to make creating ads on the platform easier for brands. With just three steps, advertisers can upload their creative, choose their targeting and budget, and launch their campaign on Reddit. The streamlined process is designed to simplify the campaign set-up process and make Reddit ads more accessible to a wider range of advertisers. 03.24.2023

Reddit Shares Activation from the 2023 CES Show: In January, Reddit launched its inaugural activation at the 2023 Consumer and Electronics Show and transformed the Wynn into a “colorful house of clairvoyance.” The space showed how Reddit communities are an incubator for emerging technologies and included examples of the predictions they’re making 10, 20, and 30 years into the future. 01.24.2022

Personal Finance is Top of Mind for Redditors: According to Reddit, over 70K unique Reddit communities are discussing personal finance. Redditors come to the platform to demystify the intricacies of their finances, investing goals, and retirement planning and to ask other users for advice on their financial health. See below for a breakdown of the personal finance buyer’s journey. 01.22.2023

62%2 of U.S. Reddit users say financial brands can have a conversation with them on Reddit that they can’t have anywhere else.

Reddit Launches Business Website for Marketers: Reddit has released a new “Reddit for Business” website, which gives marketers and advertisers insights, tips & tricks, case studies, and other resources to help navigate the community ad platform. 12.28.2022

Reddit Users Can Add Images in the Comments: Reddit now allows images to be added in comments for selected communities. 12.06.2022

Reddit Releases NFT Playbook: In case you missed it, it released an NFT Playbook, which is free to download. No email is required too. The NFT conversation on Reddit is exploding, mainly in the r/nftsmarketplace subreddit, with a 423x increase in mentions of NFTs and a 300x growth in total views. 11.8.2022

Google’s New Search Update Benefits Reddit: Google has released a new search feature, “Discussions and Forums,” which will appear when users search Google for specific answers to questions period the results will include Reddit forum discussions and Q&A conversations from Quora. The Google search results already surface Reddit and Quora content, but now they will have a dedicated section.

Reddit Expands Targeting and Ad Creation Tools: Reddit continues to expand its ad capabilities to meet customer demand. First, they added live chat within Ads Manager, connecting advertisers directly with a support person for help. They are also helping advertisers set up tracking pixels to track and measure Reddit campaigns more effectively. Additionally, they made updates to the Ads Manager UI, including:

  • Audience Manager can now create, edit, delete and reuse previously created Reddit audiences.
  • Post Library will store all the digital and ad creative assets in one library for easy access and management across all campaigns.
  • Updated Performance Estimates is a tool that provides impression and clicks estimates for each ad group, along with estimated audience reach.

Reddit also made several updates to its UI–improved navigation, a new sign-up page, and refreshed metrics.

Reddit Releases Brand Marketing & Online Communities Report: Reddit just released a report called Find your people: The intersection of brands, belonging, and online communities. You will need your email address to download the content, but it’s well worth it. It’s filled with actionable Reddit case studies and data points that can help take your community marketing efforts to the next level.

Reddit Acquires Spiketrap: Advances Contextual Analysis: Reddit just acquired Spiketrap, a technology company that uses AI and text analysis to decode social media conversations. This will give Reddit advertisers a more in-depth look at the different conversations happening within the platform.

Reddit Announces New Developer Platform: The Reddit Developer Platform will provide access and resources that will enable 3rd party developers to build new functionalities on Reddit’s existing infrastructure.

NFL Engagement is Huge on Reddit: Reddit just released some data on the NFL audience on the platform and the discussion leading up to preseason football. If your business wants to reach football fans, Reddit is one place to think about digital activation. Read these Reddit case studies and best practices before doing so.

Back to School on Reddit is Real: Reddit just released some data about back-to-school conversations happening on the platform. They also mapped the customer journey, from discovery and consideration to purchase decisions. According to the data, 54% of parents were inspired to buy a new product they found on Reddit, and 32% said that Reddit research helped them confirm their purchase decision.

Reddit Releases Holiday Marketing Guide for Digital Campaign Planning: Reddit just released this nine-page holiday marketing guide to help advertisers with their digital planning for the rest of 2022. Some interesting data points include that 75% of users who did holiday research on Reddit made a purchase based on that research. So, in addition to advertising on the platform, reading it is rich in data if marketers want to understand purchase intent around products and services.

Reddit Adds Inline GIFs in Comments: To empower communities to express themselves and contribute to conversations in new ways, Reddit announced that they would allow users to add GIFs within comments.

Reddit Launches New NFT Project–Collectible Avatars: As the NFT hype continues, Reddit has now enabled users to purchase custom avatars designed by some of Reddit’s most passionate visual artists.

Reddit Looks to Increase Discovery of Audio Rooms: Reddit has tested Reddit Talk with over 500 community moderators. To make hosting more fun and rewarding, they are launching rewards for hosting talks, including a hoodie, mics, and a Reddit trophy.

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