Buzzsumo Alternative: There are a Few but This One Takes the Cake

If you are exploring a Buzzsumo alternative, you are looking for software that can track content based on sharing and engagement data.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Analytics

Chances are that if you’re exploring a Buzzsumo alternative, you are looking for software for content analytics. But before you read on, please look at these 5 Questions to Ask Software Vendors before doing anything else.

What is Buzzsumo?

Brandwatch acquired Buzzsumo in 2017. I like to describe the software because it can provide analysis on keywords, phrases, and specifically long-form content to track performance and engagement. It’s an excellent research tool that can help inform you about everything you do in marketing and communications.

So, imagine searching within the platform for 5G. The results will yield the top articles based on engagement metrics from social media channels.

What is the Buzzsumo alternative?

The platform also provides trending content based on shared data and categorized by various verticals, like technology and marketing. It’s outstanding for getting content ideas, identifying influencers on Twitter and YouTube, and tracking influential reporters and journalists. Buzzsumo pricing is very affordable and perfect for consultants and SMBs.

SEMrush vs Buzzsumo

A few times, I’ve asked if an adequate Buzzsumo alternative is SEMRush. It is not the same at all and is more complimentary than anything. There are a few overlaps, like the keyword research and the backlink checker. SEMRush is meant more for the SEO consultant or agency, and Buzzsumo is more for content marketers.

So, what is the Buzzsumo alternative?

In my opinion, Newswhip analytics is an alternative but is more geared towards enterprise customers and could get pretty expensive depending upon how many users you have logged into the system.

What is Newswhip?

Like Buzzsumo, the Newswhip app allows you to track content across the news media and even company websites, but there are a few differentiators to consider. First, they have robust filtering enabling users to segment the content results by various verticals, languages, locations, and more.

They also have Facebook integration that tracks the keywords across public Facebook pages. I should also mention that their exporting capabilities are strong, which is an advantage if you have an analyst mining the data.

The biggest differentiator of the Newswhip app is a separate program called Spike. This costs extra to get access, but it is worth it. It uses predictive analytics to track the velocity of a particular story based on shared data. There aren’t any Newswhip competitors that come to mind for enterprise customers.

Spike Newswhip

I put together an overview of social media technology that may help as you explore a Buzzsumo alternative or new social software for your business. The next question is: is Buzzsumo worth it? I would say yes, 100%. Whatever you decide, it’s a smart business move to invest in the right technology that can power your digital marketing programs.


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