Video: Planning Your B2B Influencer Marketing Program in 2022

In this video, I make a case for why you should invest in research and planning before you launch your B2B influencer marketing program. Many marketers like to skip this step, and I can understand why. Getting real value from researching the influencer ecosystem takes time, effort, and investment. And many times, you won’t see the results right away.

Let me summarize the video quickly. Influencers in the tech community are driving the conversation about innovation, new products, and the topics driving your business. Often, these influencers are journalists, first, second and third-tier analysts, CIOs, and other company executives. They are influencing your B2B buyers based on their words and behaviors.

Influencer marketing research can give you the insights you need to understand those topics specific to the vernacular, keywords, and hashtags they use in social media conversations. But the work doesn’t stop there.

When it comes to B2B influencer programs, planning is key to success. It’s about setting goals and objectives, identifying the right influencers, and developing a solid strategy.

Investing time and resources into planning can ensure your program hits the mark and achieves your desired results. This might involve researching and analyzing data to identify influencers that align with your brand and target market and creating a roadmap for content creation, distribution, and measurement.

Perhaps most importantly, planning can help you stay on track and measure your progress. By defining your goals upfront, you’ll have a clear idea of the metrics you need to track, whether engagement rates, lead generation, or sales revenue.

Overall, taking the time to plan your B2B influencer program can greatly impact its success. With a solid strategy, you’ll be able to engage the right influencers, create compelling content, and measure your results effectively.

It’s up to you to leverage those insights and weave them into your messaging across all your channels across the entire PESO marketing model. Planning your B2B influencer marketing program should always involve research and data.

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