Video: Onalytica Launches B2B Influencer Marketplace

In this video, I explain why this is big news in B2B.

Onalytica just dropped a game-changer, launching a revolutionary new marketplace for B2B influencers.

It’s mind-blowing that B2B influencer marketing is so big, yet few vendors are in the game. Over 30 are solely focused on consumer marketing. But Onalytica is shaking things up with its innovative new platform, set to transform the B2B influencer marketing space big time!

Onalytica’s new marketplace is a marketer’s dream, saving time and energy by offering a pool of pre-screened influencers to collaborate with. Plus, the platform provides a complete view of an influencer’s performance on all channels – perfect for those B2B influencers who operate across multiple platforms.

Influencers get some love too! They can create a profile showcasing their skills, likes, and passions. Brands can browse through profiles and pick whom they want to work with and at what price.

Think of Onalytica’s new marketplace, like eBay for B2B influencer marketing, only better because it connects brands to influencers. That’s right – Onalytica is the go-to platform for B2B marketers who want to crush it in the influencer marketing game.

Onalytica B2B Influencer Marketplace Profiles

Take a look at their new influencer profile page below. You’ll see the influencer’s network size, bio, links to his social media channels, and a summary of his audience.

Onalytica B2B influencer marketplace

You’ll see more specific data about the influencer in this screenshot below. It shows the thought leadership topics, themes, top tweets, and a word cloud.

Onalytica influencer profile that show the influencer's thought leadership topics.

This is a total game-changer for B2B influencer marketing! Onalytica is leading the charge, and its new platform is user-friendly and advantageous.

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