TikTok Video: Understanding Gen Alpha’s Interests

In this TikTok video, I discuss Gen Alpha’s interest in gaming. Wait, who?

We still don’t fully understand the Gen Z audience, and here comes the next generation. Yes, it’s Gen Alpha, and they were born after 2010. The last year that the Lakers won a championship.

There is a lot of research already surfacing about Gen Alpha’s interests. They are the first generation to grow up with technology like tablets, smartphones, and apps that do almost everything. They are digital natives who develop an eye for visuals and video content early in life. Gen Alpha is also the most diverse generation ever.

Gen Alpha’s ability to multitask makes them different from the others. With so much exposure to technology, Gen Alpha is better at multitasking than any previous generation. The sooner we can understand their value, the sooner we can create digital experiences that align with their interests.

A recent report from Global Web Index goes into great detail to explain Gen Alpha’s behaviors.

Gen Alpha loves gaming, but it’s not the type of gaming that you might think. While First-Person Shooter games like COD are more prevalent among older millennials and Gen Xers like me, Gen A prefers social games that can be played with friends. They also prefer more immersive experiences that require creating things like worlds and characters. Such games like Roblox and Minecraft over-index with Gen A.

Walmart is already ahead of the game. They recently launched two new virtual worlds in Roblox. Walmart Land brings shopping at the mall to the global Roblox community of over 52 million users. Walmart’s Universe of Play is a metaverse toy store in Roblox. Growing up, I only had a Service Merchandise catalog.

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