Video: How to Activate B2B Influencers Across the PESO Model

In this video, I talk about the rules of engagement and how to activate B2B and technology influencers across PESO—paid, earned, shared, and owned media.

As previous videos and posts mentioned, engaging with B2B tech influencers is more complex than working with consumer influencers. You can’t work with consumer influencers unless they are paid. This is not the case for B2B.

That said, the PESO model can help simplify the process by breaking down the various types of media into four distinct categories:

  • Paid Media: Any paid advertising, such as sponsorships, display ads, or paying influencers, to co-create content or promote a product.
  • Earned Media: This is media that you earn through coverage from earned media coverage through strategic media relations or product reviews.
  • Shared Media: This is created and shared by others, such as user-generated content, social media, or word-of-mouth. Shared media is the evolution of social media.
  • Owned Media: This is media that you own and control, such as your website, blog, or brand newsroom.

Here’s a more thorough explanation of the PESO marketing model. The key to activating B2B influencers across the PESO model is clearly understanding your goals and objectives. You can determine which media will most effectively reach your target buyers.

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