Video: The Difference between Audience and Social Intelligence

In this video, I discuss the differences between audience and social intelligence. In a nutshell, audience intelligence is about defining your audience first. From there, you can use software to listen to just their conversations. Social intelligence is about analyzing the social landscape and listening to all channels and all audiences.

Quick example.

You want to analyze what the Gen Z audience says about travel and hospitality. You’d build a Gen Z audience, write a comprehensive boolean query for travel and hospitality, and analyze away. That is audience and narrative intelligence.

The alternative is to analyze all conversations across all channels to understand what Gen Z is saying about travel and hospitality and what everyone is saying about the industry, including travel brands, journalists, and everyone else.

Audience intelligence is more insightful if your core focus is Gen Z. On the other hand, social intelligence provides a broader view of the competitive landscape and market trends. Both are important but will have completely different insights.

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Michael Brito

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