What is Social Listening? The Right Way To Use Data & Analytics

What is Social Listening? The Right Way To Use Data & Analytics

What is social listening? It’s more than just dropping in some keywords to a platform like Brandwatch and expect it to all the work for you.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Social Data & Analytics

What is social listening? This is really not the right question to ask when it comes to listening to conversations on social media. The question you have to ask is, “Am I doing it the right way?

In this video, I talk about an advanced way to use social listening platforms to ensure that you uncover the most actionable and relevant insights as possible.

Rather than just talking and defining what is social listening, I thought I would provide a real example using one of the leading social media monitoring platforms in the market, Brandwatch.

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make when managing a social listening program, is that they don’t segment the channels and analyze them separately. They plug in some branded keyword into a platform like Brandwatch and listen to the entire Internet. While this type of approach might be directionally insightful, It doesn’t provide the insights needed to take action.

Before we jump in to the advanced techniques of social listening, let’s first defined it so we’re on the same page.

Social listening is the practice of listening to a particular set of keywords and phrases using software. This is a scalable approach that gives marketers access to what’s being said about a product, service or executive on social media. However, social listening can can be used for other reasons as well. Outside of being reactive and responding to customer care issues or managing a potential crisis, smart marketers are also using social listening to engage with brand advocates.

More sophisticated marketers are using social listening to track trending topics among various audiences and then creating content based on what they are saying.

So let’s take a look at this experiment.

What we are looking at here is a Brandwatch dashboard where I am tracking the key phrase artificial intelligence across a multitude of different channels.

What is Social Listening?

Rather than looking up artificial intelligence and tracking the aggregate conversation, I have segmented it across various data points. This is important because as you will see, different audiences are using the phrase differently than others.

This first tab is looking at two different artificial intelligence Sub Reddit, One with over 148k members and the other with about 50k.

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