[VIDEO] Social Media Storytelling Informed by Data & Insights

Data insights can be used to inform social media storytelling for campaigns, programs and your day-to-day drumbeat of content.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Analytics

In this video, I talk about how data insights can be used to inform social media storytelling for campaigns, programs and your day-to-day drumbeat of content.

If you’ve watched any of my videos or read any of my content, you know how passionate I am about storytelling through social media. It really is the perfect channel to do so, mainly because you already have a social media audience that has opted in to hear your stories.

I can talk about it for days–storytelling, social media campaigns, data driven content and everything in between. But I wanted to give a little more context. I have had a few comments asking me to clarify so let’s spend a few minutes defining it because it really can mean anything and all of them can be true based on the context of the conversation.

Ok, so let’s define all the audiences that you have access to online.

  • Are unique visitors to a website an audience? Yes.
  • Are email subscribers an audience? Yes.
  • Is a panel of millennials responding to primary research an audience? Yes.
  • Are a brand’s followers on social media an audience? Yes.
  • Are tailored and custom audiences in paid social an audience? Yes.
  • Is everyone using a specific hashtag an audience. Yes.

These are all audiences that you can extract insight from that can inform social media storytelling. Below is quick example of a conversation analysis of B2B buyers.

Social Media Storytelling

What this data illustrates are the topics, trends and stories that are demanding the attention of the audience. In other words, they are using these exact terms, keywords and phrases when having conversation in public social media channels.

The data is segmented into conversation clusters. The clusters are color-coded and sized based on volume. The larger the color-coded cluster, the larger the conversation.

So when exploring the audience conversation, you can see that cloud, services, AI, data analytics and automation are all topics that these B2B buyers are having on social media. It’s top of mind for them.

Now let’s talk about content marketing and storytelling through social media.

You can use these keywords and phrases to inform the stories, narrative or editorial approach when creating content. The data is typically pulled through social media monitoring. By using the same vernacular and language as the audience, you will be that much more relevant to this specific audience.

Also, by using this data to inform blog content, you will not only achieve higher rankings in the search results, but you will also have visibility when your audience is the one actually searching.

This is social media storytelling and it’s informed by social media data.

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