Clubhouse News: What’s the Buzz on Social Audio Apps?

Get the latest scoop on Clubhouse news here and see what traditional media is saying about the social audio app space in 2021.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Analytics

Social audio is taking the Internet by storm and Clubhouse news is leading the way. Over the last six weeks, my feed on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms have been filled with people inviting me to their rooms on Clubhouse or talking about their personal experiences while in Clubhouse rooms.

Social media is just one piece of the trending conversation. Traditional media coverage is all over it.  While Clubhouse news is dominating the headlines globally, there are other topics that the media is writing about as it relates to social audio. Everything from the impact that social audio will have on social networking in general, to Elon Musk and the drop in conversations he has had over the last few weeks. The media is also fascinated with the growth trajectory of Clubhouse, Twitter’s launch of Twitter Spaces, and the rumors that Facebook will be launching their own social audio platform.

The below data shows the various topics that the media is covering and the volume of articles related to social audio and Clubhouse news.

Clubhouse NewsThe graph below represents the top media publishers by volume. It’s a pretty straightforward data point. It means that Business Insider, NBC News, Forbes and Medium are the top 4 media publications that are covering the social audio space based purely on the amount of articles they are writing about it.

While Clubhouse news is the primary narrative driver, there are over 30+ social audio apps in the market so we’ll start to see this shift.

Social Audio MediaWhile the below graph looks similar, the data is much different. This represents the top publishers by resonance. In other words, when Hot New Hip Hop, Business Insider, NBC News, and the LA Times write about social audio, it resonates with their audience of readers.

In this regard, resonance equals engagement in the form of a social action-like, comment, share, RT or inbound link. And it really does make sense if you think about it. If I read an article from NBC News about social audio an I find it insightful, I will most likely share it in my network.

Social Audio Publishers

See below for more data on Clubhouse and Social Audio:

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