Clubhouse Audience Analysis: The Data is Changing in Real-time

Clubhouse Audience Analysis: The Data is Changing in Real-time

This Clubhouse Audience Analysis shows that users are changing in real-time, especially as users are joining and participating more often.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Social Data & Analytics

My Clubhouse audience analysis is evolving by the day. And, when android users can finally join the party, it will look nothing like what you see below. The thing to remember here is that this data is based on how users describe themselves in their bio and it’s not mutually exclusive. In other words, if I say that I am a “Founder” of a startup and a “Programmer” by trade, the bio data will show up twice.

My observations of Clubhouse so far.

Topically, the rooms and topics are all over the place. One thing I’ve learned over the last 3 months is that Clubhouse users (especially moderators) are getting really good at writing headlines. But just like with headlines, the content must live up to the expectations and many times it doesn’t.

Also, there seems to be a hierarchy forming as users are clout chasing in the app. The attitude is very authoritarian and elitist, with some even having a courtroom vibe to it.  Also, there is a lot of snake oil spreading in the app with headlines like, “Get 1 Million Followers With Very Little Effort” so don’t believe everything you hear. Do you research. Google the moderators and you may be surprised of what you find, or not.

The bio data from this Clubhouse audience analysis was extracted using Audiense, and visualized with Graphext.

Clubhouse Audience Analysis

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