Audience Insights Tool: A Video Review of the SparkToro Platform

SparkToro is an audience insights tool that can help marketers build audiences and understand their unique interests and affinities.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Analytics

See below for my SparkToro review, a new audience insights tool that I recently discovered in my research. I keep a close eye on the space and have been curating audience intelligence software for the last several years. Overall, I would say that it’s an entry level tool for those who are interested in learning about audience intelligence. I certainly don’t mean this in a negative way but when looking at the competitive set, it still has a long way to go.

Partial Transcripts Below

There are a lot of audience insights tools in the marketplace. In fact, I have curated a list of the top 10 that I have used and or demo’d over the past several years. What I really like about spark Toro, is that it is really easy to use, especially if you are new to social analytics. The UI is clean and the way that they deliver the insight is intuitive and easy to comprehend.

In this video, I give a quick overview of the platform’s free version.

As mentioned, the way that SparkToro delivers data is intuitive. For someone who isn’t in analytics or an analyst, it’s very easy to understand certain data points about an audience. Sparktoro builds audiences based on a few different factors:

  • People talking about a topic or hashtag
  • How someone may self identify in their bio
  • Certain followers of a social account
  • Someone who visits a particular website or shares URLs from it

If you wanted more information on the Gen Z audience, you might start your analysis with a specific age range. Below is a screenshot of the dashboard so you can see how easy the insights are displayed for someone who may be new to audience analytics.

SparkToro Audience Insights Tool

You’ll notice from the above social media dashboard, that SparkToro displays the data in a very easy way to understand. In this case they are showing audience size, the top phrases used in a bio, the top hashtags they use in their content, which social accounts they follow, and the websites that they engage with the most.

What I also love about this platform is that they give you what’s called “hidden gems”.  I don’t know exactly what the math or algorithm is behind the hidden gems, but I assume that the engagement and or follower rate is exponentially higher when compared to an index or a general population.

Also, what’s great about SparkToro is that their free version does offer some really good audience insights. Of course, in order to get more social data, you will have to subscribe to a specific plan which isn’t all too expensive by the way.

One area of feedback that I have for this audience insights platform, is the ability to use several parameters when first building an audience. For example, currently I can only look at journalists who have “journalist” in their bio. it doesn’t give me the option to look for journalists who are writing about a specific topic like fashion, travel, sports, or artificial intelligence.

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