Snackable News: TikTok Reveals Platform Strategy, Reddit Going “All-In” With NFTs

It’s barely June, and a lot is happening in the social media space and with all the platforms. See below for the latest innovations, product launches, and initiatives from LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

LinkedIn Going Big With Audio Events

LinkedIn just announced that they are adding audio events for its creators, which allows for expanding connections and communities. While this feature will be available only for LinkedIn users, the experience can extend to businesses in the future. Until this happens, this is an excellent opportunity for executives and internal subject matter experts to use LinkedIn Audio Events for technology thought leadership and establishing authority on the platform. They also recently launched LinkedIn Collective for B2B marketers.

Instagram is Finally Catching Up With Pinned Posts

Instagram has launched the ability to pin posts to the top of your profile, giving creators more flexibility in customizing their profiles. This feature is already available on TikTok and allows for timely and essential posts to remain at the top of a profile’s feed so that users can instantly view the most relevant messages.

Instagram’s Creator Marketplace

Instagram has been testing in-app features among a small group of creators and brands, designed to connect the two and foster branded content partnerships directly in-platform. Rolling out soon is the Creator Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for creators and brands to communicate for in-app partnerships, from the discovery phase through to payment. This is similar to Onalytica’s Influencer Marketplace launch in 2021 but for the B2B influencer community.

TikTok Reveals Their Platform Strategy

TikTok executives discussed their strategy at a first-ever company event at the 2022 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. TikTok is known for having a highly accurate algorithm and is about to get even more laser-focused. For example, they plan to add contextual targeting, which will help compensate for Apple’s iOS 14 privacy update and expand live shopping functionality. In addition, they are developing and implementing a proprietary program that can report on the quality of ads.

With these new features in development, you can now gain more specific and actionable insights from TikTok activations and programs.

Reddit Launches New NFT Strategy Guide

Reddit has partnered with VaynerNFT to create a strategy guide about NFTs and how they work, how brands can get involved, tips for success and launch strategies, and future opportunities and possibilities that Web3 can bring. Interestingly, Reddit has decided to get involved with NFTs now, given that the platform is one of the oldest forums on the internet and hadn’t advanced or innovated during the Web 2.0 era. I can’t wait to see Reddit in the metaverse. Here are a few Reddit case studies that show how brands have activated across the platform.

Twitter Finally Innovating Their Ads Manager

In late 2021, Twitter started testing a forecasting tool called Campaign Planner, designed to give advertisers an informed idea of what their investment on the platform could bring them, down to potential reach, impressions, and CPM. While this tool is currently only available to Twitter-managed partners, expanded tool capability and access for campaigns not managed by them are expected to roll out later this year.

YouTube Releases Gen Z Insights on Video Consumption

YouTube’s annual Culture & Trends report has arrived. The report, “Pop Culture Just Got Even More Personal,” comes with critical insights on what drives the latest Gen Z video trends. It gives an in-depth look at three new types of creativity:

  • Community Creativity is what happens when people produce culture together
  • Multi-Format Creativity is when Gen Zers and hybrid creators use different media and digital format types
  • Responsive Creativity refers to the creation and consumption of how Gen Zers adapt to video to suit their psychological and emotional needs

These new video trends are critical drivers in reaching and understanding the latest Gen Z trends and addressing where and how pop culture and video trends are shifting for the future.

See below for all the latest product updates and features from each of the social media channels:

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