Influencer Marketing Software: Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Influencer Marketing Software: Trends to Look Out for in 2021

This video focuses on the differences between influencer marketing software, technology and services for B2B and consumer brands.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Influencer Marketing

In this video I talk about the differences between influencer marketing software for consumer and B2B marketing. I highlight three influencer tracking software tools – Traackr, Onalytica and Audiense and talk through my favorite functionality for each.

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I am going to continue on this journey of influencer marketing platforms especially as it relates to B2B and technology. And today I want to talk today about influencer software.

There’s a huge conversation happening right now about what influencer software to use to not just identify influencers but also manage and track influencer programs.

Now last year I wrote a blog post about the need for innovation for influencer marketing platforms. I’ve been a power user for influencer search software for many years, everything from Radian6, Sysomos to Crimson Hexagon, Brandwatch and Traackr.

And over the course of these years, I have never witnessed much innovation. Several of the companies have merged, there has been acquisitions, and you’d think that there would be new capabilities that would allow marketers to get better analytics or smarter insights.

But my blog post was specifically about influencer marketing software. And on the consumer side, there are several influencer tracking software providers that can identify, track and measure influencer campaigns. And in my blog post I wrote about the lack of differentiation. Now I haven’t tested every platform but I’ve probably tested 5 or 6 but they were all pretty much the same as it relates to the different functionality.

And then I was thinking to myself about B2B side because B2B influence is very different than consumer brand influence, in terms of identifying and also activating influencers.

So I asked myself, what are those influencer marketing platforms in B2B that are doing really well.

Now there are three influencer marketing software providers that I have used in the past that do a really good job at focusing their requirements and capabilities around B2B and technology marketers — and that is Traackr, Onalytica and Audiense.

Now Traackr is one of those platforms that have been around for many years. It’s a legacy influencer analytics software platform and I have used it for several years and for many different projects.

What I love about their platform is that they allow you to find influencers using several different criteria. The first way is through bio search. So if I wanted to find journalists or editors or analysts, or people interested in fashion or photography, I can do a search within bios to find those influencers.

They also allow me to search for influencers through content. So if I wanted to find influencer that have shared a piece of content or used a particular hashtag, I can do it that way too.

They also allow you to combine bio and content searches. So if I wanted to find editors that have written about music or journalists that have written about fashion, I can do so. And it allows me to get very focused to ensure I am finding the right people for my influencer marketing program.

And the last way I can find influencers is through audiences, specifically — influencer’s audiences.

So if I wanted to find an influencer who was reaching a certain group in New York, or in New York but also interested in shoes, fashion or photography, I can do that. The platform will tell me that 25% of this influencer’s audience is in New York and interested in fashion.

The 2nd platform is Onalytica. It’s great. It’s very similar to Traackr, in terms of allowing you to look for influencers in bio and content searches.

What I love about their platform is that you can use full Boolean logic in the content and bio so you can get very granular in finding niche influencers for your program.

When it comes to analytics, both Traackr and Onalytica do a great job at tracking influencer conversations, share of voice from influencers.

Now the 3rd influencer marketing software I want to talk to you about is a company called Audiense. I’ve talked about them before. They are based in the UK and Spain and pretty much all over.

And, they are not even really influencer marketing software. They are an audience intelligence platform and there’s a distinction there. Because they allow you to build audiences and then find influencer who are reaching the audience you just built.

So for example, let’s say you built an audience of people interested in fashion, and you mine their conversations and affinities, well you can then find influencers that reach this particular audience. On the B2B side, let’s say you built an audience of developers or data scientists, you can do the same thing.

Now this is important because 9 times out of 10, when you do your analysis, the influencer you find are very unexpected.

When it comes to software, every company and agency has different requirements, so don’t take my word for it because my requirements will be different from yours. What I would recommend though is to document your requirements based on the functionality you need, nice to have or can’t live with out, and then demo software so you can map your requirements to their capabilities.

Doing so will ensure that you are making the smartest decision when investing in software for influencer marketing.

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