Real Data: An Analysis of the AI Audience in 2020

Real Data: An Analysis of the AI Audience in 2020

An AI audience analysis of the artificial intelligence conversation – the data was initially pulled from Audiense, an audience intelligence platform.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Influencer Marketing

Below is a cursory audience analysis of the AI audience that are driving the online discussion about artificial intelligence in 2020. The audience consisted of 9 unique clustered segments as follows:

  1. Software Developers
  2. Healthcare Strategy
  3. Sports & News
  4. IoT Security
  5. Data Science / Machine Learning
  6. Data Analytics
  7. Marketing & Social Media
  8. Conservative Politics
  9. Liberal Politics

This AI audience was created based on conversational data of social profiles using keywords like AI, Artificial Intelligence and #ArtificialIntelligence, and the overall artificial intelligence conversation in 2020. The analysis only covers 3 of the 9 segments.

AI Audience

The following data represents the unique characteristics and interests of this AI audience. In many cases, you can also find the median preference of a given audience. The state is calculated by particular URLs that are being shared from specific media site. It can be concluded that if an audience shares multiple articles from Fortune (as an example), then most likely they prefer to read Fortune over other media publications. This type of data is critical for all PR measurement. The data was captured by an audience intelligence platform called Audiense.

AI Audiences

It’s important to remember that when building audiences, it’s critical to ensure that you segment each one and analyze the interest in characteristics. Even though they may look alike on the outside, most likely they prefer and like different things. In most audience research, the data points presented are of an entire group of individuals. But the reality is, that everyone is different even if they work at the same company, doing the same thing, report to the same manager, and right with the same code.

The artificial intelligence conversation and audience data was pulled from Audiense, an audience intelligence platform which was used for this AI audience analysis. See more data on audience intelligence reports. Enjoy the content and subscribe to my Youtube channel to be the notified when new videos are added.

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