[VIDEO] How to Measure the Share of Customer Attention

Measuring share of customer attention is important to understand how relevant your brand is to an audience in the market place.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Data

Measuring share of customer attention is not an easy thing to do, especially in a world where every brand wants to reach the same customer as you do. In this video, I talk about how to get the audience attention you need to get them to do what you want.

Share of attention today at its core is measuring the conversation volume around the topic, brand or just a set of keywords. The data source could be everything from a Reddit conversation, a set of blogs and media outlets, to an audience of the C-Suite.

Mining Twitter data for B2B and technology related topics can uncover more insights that you can handle. If this is your audience, it’s not hard to find the topics and trends that affect customer attention.

You can go to Twitter search and look for any topic and I guarantee that you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of conversations and mentions of that topic. And the methodology for doing this is identical for pulling share of coverage. The difference is that we are pulling data from social media and not news media coverage.

For example, let’s look at the topic of artificial intelligence. Let’s assume that you pull every mention of AI and artificial intelligence into your data set. You select your date range, language, content source and exclude all the spam.

The math is the same. You take the total count of your brand mentions and the total count of your competitor’s brand mentions, sum the total and then divide the sub totals against the full total. That is your share of conversation

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t consider who the actual audience is and there is no depth in the conversation. On Twitter, people have a tendency of just retweeting or sharing conversations with not much depth. Using this as your data source isn’t smart Because they could be bots, trolls, or just people who don’t care about your business.

Customer Attention

Measuring the Share of Customer Attention

Now I think we can all agree that attention today is at a premium. Consumers today are inundated with media and content. Everyone is always multitasking and ADD is common. This makes it extremely difficult to reach audiences.

The best way to attract your audience’s attention rests upon one single factor–data & insights. More importantly, it means that marketers must first build an audience before analyzing any conversation or behavior on social media.

Share of audience attention answers the question, “How relevant is my brand to the people who matter to my business?” These people can be your customers, prospects, a group of 200+ influencers, 10 influencers, journalists and even government officials. What’s beautiful about this metric is that you can directly influence the outcomes if you create a customer advocacy program.

This approach can also provide insights into competitor’s share of attention based on the quantity and sentiment of the conversation they are having. You can even use this as a benchmark to track relevance over time.

Analyzing customer needs is more than counting numbers or mentions, I would recommend doing a deeper dive to understand that context of the conversation. Doing this will help isolate and uncover if/when your competitors are launching new products, releasing white papers, activating influencers and more.

Plus, when exploring the context of how they talk about your brand, you can uncover the values, emotions and overall sentiment that they have about your business. This offers tremendous value when measuring share of audience attention, more so that measuring SOV or even earned media value.

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