Top Metaverse Subreddits

Updated 11.11.2022. The Metaverse and Web 3 is a hot topic these days. Marketers and PR pros should pay attention to the technology that powers the metaverse, and potential use cases to engage with customers. You might also be interested in the trending subreddits by topic.

Below are the top Metaverse and Web 3 Subreddits in October, ranked by the volume of posts about the topic and the percent increase/decrease from the previous month.

Top Metaverse Subreddits – October 2022

The below data is plotted using three variables:

  • Volume of Posts: The X-axis represents the total volume of posts and comments about the metaverse or web 3.
  • Reddit Score: This Y-axis represents the aggregate upvotes minus the aggregate number of downvotes on the Reddit post or comment.
  • Total Subs: This size of the bubble represents the total number of subscribers to each subreddit.
The top Metaverse Subreddits based on volume of discussion

Lastly, we mapped the metaverse audience into five communities. While each audience is related to the metaverse, each one has distinct interests and characteristics.

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