Forbes Top Creators 2022: Who Are They & Does it Even Matter?

Everyone loves to be on a list, and Forbes Top Creators of 2022 is no exception. But who are the new names on this list, and does it even matter?

The Forbes Top Creators list for 2022 includes some of the biggest names in the creative industries. These include filmmakers, musicians, actors, writers, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, and more. Below are the top 10 content creators, but you can review the full list on Forbes.

CreatorAudience Size2021 Earnings
Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast)162M$54M
Charli D’Amelio203.7M$17.5M
Alexandra Cooper3.6M$20M
Elliot Tebele20.1M$30M
Emma Chamberlain27.6M$12M
Huda Kattan63M$13M
Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal11.8M$30M
Khaby Lame231.4M$10M
Addison Rae Easterling133M$8.5M
Jake Paul57.3M$45M
Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier)49.5M$38M

But is the Forbes Top Creators 2022 indicative of success or a benchmark for creative achievement? Can we measure the impact that these top creators have had on their respective industries, as well as how their work has influenced our culture and society at large?

The answer may be both yes and no.

While it’s great to see the names of these individuals on the Forbes list, it should not be regarded as a measure of success or indicative of their influence. It is important to recognize that many creators may not be on this list but still make valuable contributions to culture and society.

I might add that some individuals have tremendous influence but aren’t necessarily digital content creators. They may be technologists, scientists, advisors, or educators, who have discovered innovations in technology and research or simply have a unique way of looking at the world and inspiring others to do the same.

The Forbes Top Creators 2022 list is just that: a list. Many on the list are talented, yes. Some are lucky. All of them are attractive. And others have a gift for building community.

What matters is recognizing the contributions made by all types of creators, regardless of whether they appear on Forbes Top Creators 2022 list. After all, creativity should be celebrated and encouraged in whatever form it takes. So while we may applaud these content creators for making it onto this list, let’s also make sure that we recognize and appreciate all forms of creative expression and innovation.

What’s missing on this list are B2B creators. These individuals help companies create and execute strategies, workflows, technologies, and products to reach their audiences more effectively. While they may not be as visible as the other creators on this list, they have an equally important role in shaping the world—our economy.

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