[VIDEO] Learning Paid Social is a Critical Skill for College Students

Learning paid social is a critical skill that college students must embrace when pursuing a PR, marketing or journalism degree.

By: Michael Brito

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Below is a video from the class I teach at San Jose State University, Strategic Social Media & Business Communications. In this video, I talk about the decline in organic reach in social media channels and how learning paid social is needed to reach the audiences at the right time. Enjoy the video and please subscribe to my Youtube channel to be the notified when new videos are added.

Full Transcripts

It used to be that paid media was a “nice to have”. Sadly today learning paid media is required to reach audiences who have already opted in to receive your content. In the past, if you had 100 fans on Facebook and you posted content, all of the fans would see that content in their feed. Today, if you have 100 fans and post, between three and five people will see it in their feed.

Here are a few definitions that you must understand if you want to work and learn paid social.

The first is paid search. Sometimes this is referred to as PPC, which means pay-per-click. The result of paid search or what you see in the search engines after you Google some thing. Typically it’s the top 3 to 5 posts that say sponsored and or ads.

The second is paid social. It’s basically paid media in specific social networking channels. Sometimes this is referred to as boosting posts or sponsoring content.

Lastly is display advertising. Sometimes this is called banner advertising and are the different banner as you see when you surf through the Internet.

Here are a few other basic definitions you should know when learning paid social.

Click: This is pretty self-explanatory when learning page social. A click is when someone clicks on an ad.

Impressions:  This is how many times your ad has been served.

CPC: This is what an advertiser will pay every time someone clicks on a link. The cost per click will be different based on how competitive the keywords are that are being bid on.

CTR (Click-Through Rate): This is the percentage of how many times someone clicks on your ad. It’s calculated by taking the total impressions This is the percentage of how many times someone clicks on your ad. It’s calculated by taking the total impressions and divided by the total clicks  divided by the total clicks.

The beauty about all this is that these metrics and definitions are applicable to all forms of marketing and communications. This is also educational when you are building out your multi segment marketing strategy, whether you’re working for a large enterprise company or an agency. Also learning paid social is also important for your overall PR skills. Even though it’s paid media, the industry is moving in this direction.

There has been several books written about learning paid social or paid PR in general. The most important take away is that it’s all about repetition.

For the general public and consumers, imagine tracking issues in a particular state leading up to and after an election.

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