[VIDEO] What Are Your Content Marketing Strategy Goals for 2022?

Your content marketing strategy goals should align to awareness, consideration and thought leadership to lead generation and sales.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Content

Defining your digital content marketing strategy goals are critical to ensure you are reaching audiences with stories that break through all the clutter and drive impact. In the below video, I highlight several data points from the 2021 State of Digital Content report.


The Altimeter study asked the question, “what is the primary goal of your digital content marketing strategy?” and I was somewhat surprised at the percent distribution of the answers:

  • 7% Support sales
  • 15% Generate leads
  • 16% Provide customers with helpful information
  • 28% To position the brand as thought leaders
  • 35% Create brand awareness

I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised by these answers. I would have thought that data driven marketing or defining content marketing strategy goals would have been more focused on sales enablement and lead generation. Part of me suspects that the respondents worked in diverse job functions, ranging from public relations to marketing.

It would makes sense that PR teams would focus more on brand awareness goals more so than leads or sales.

What’s important is that most agile content creation strategy goals should be integrated, whereby content should purposefully drive users through the buyer’s journey and not only align to brand awareness and thought leadership but also leads and sales.

One thing that stood out to me was the data-driven content marketing strategy goal of providing customers with helpful information. And if you think about it closely, it makes perfect sense.

Content Marketing Strategy Goals

Documenting all the reasons why your customers are calling into the call center and then creating agile content that matches those inquiries is genius. Not only are you providing content that addresses customer needs, but you will also own the search results for those search queries as well, giving you the opportunity of converting those users into customers.

I am also surprised that supporting sales was so low. I have worked with several sales teams over the years and one thing is consistent. They are starving for more thought leadership content that they can use to share on their social media channels and for other social selling initiatives.

This should be a priority for content marketing teams as it aligns directly to substantiating an ROI metric.

The good news with all this data and the Altimeter report in general is that marketers and business leaders are at least documenting their content marketing strategy goals and aligning them to both financial and non-financial metrics. This is a start.

You can download the full Altimeter report here.

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