Agile Storytelling: The Top Content Marketing Trend to Watch in 2021

Agile Storytelling: The Top Content Marketing Trend to Watch in 2021

Agile storytelling is the practice of publishing real-time content, relevant to a specific audience and aligned to the brand narrative.

By: Michael Brito

Category: Content & Storytelling

Agile storytelling is a content model that accelerates the process in which brands can tell stories quickly. In the below video, I share actionable insights on how brands can become publishers and adopt this agile storytelling model. For more video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Partial Transcripts Below

I’ve never been a fan of reading trends or predictions for coming years. Mainly because it’s the same people, saying the same things, every year, over and over.

But as someone who spends a lot of time observing how brands are communicating with their customers and at the same time, counseling clients to be m. ore relevant and how they tell stories , I am noticing a trend come to pass.

I call it agile storytelling.

Agile means the ability to do something quickly. And that’s exactly what brands need to do today. They need to tell stories that are relevant, compelling, and aligned to the brand narrative.

It’s very easy to talk about this, but it’s much harder to implement. If you’ve ever worked in project management, you have most likely heard of people, process, and platforms. These are the three pillars that brands must think about when building an agile content marketing team.

And it’s pretty self-explanatory if you think about it.

People represents the team. In this case you will have to hire an agile team that can perform several different tasks. You will need a creative person who can create animated and motion graphics quickly. An analyst is also required to sift through data and identify opportunities for whitespace in trending topics. A community manager is also important from a publishing perspective. And having someone manage paid media is important from a targeting and amplification perspective.

Process is all about the editorial and creative workflows. When the data analytics team identifies an opportunity for engagement, identifying a process that can get the content created, approved and published quickly is critical. I like to call this the content supply chain and takes the content from ideations to publishing quickly.

Lastly platforms represent the technology used to ideate, manage and publish content. While technology is important in this formula, it should be thought about last in terms of priority. As our story telling is about building narratives that are relevant to individuals. Technology helps facilitate that movement through the content supply chain.

Over the years, some brands have been lucky at capitalizing on real time moments with agile storytelling. If you think about the Super Bowl in 2003 between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, Oreos knocked it out of the park. Today, brands have to be a lot more relevant in the conversation using real time data and agile content marketing.

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