Article About Converting Sales Leads

I just read this article about BTB marketers having a hard time converting sales leads because they are requiring user registration before letting them have access to more content on their site (i.e. articles, white papers, etc.) Not sure how I feel about this; I mean, how else are they going to generate leads? If it’s a […]

Funny Google Dance Video

I found this funny Google Dance Video on Youtube earlier today.  Too bad there isn’t one floating around from last year when there was a break dancing contest; and several Googlers falling down drunk.  Technorati Tags: google dance video   

Google Debunks Click Fraud Audit Firms at SES

I was recently at SES last week in San Jose and attended a click fraud session with representatives from Google, Yahoo, Ask, Click Forensics, Click Tracks and a few others. From the beginning, the gloves were off between one of Google’s Product Manager’s Shuman Ghosemajumder and the third party click fraud auditing firms. To make a […]