Search Engine Marketing: Bidding on Branded Terms

The question often arises for many marketers whether or not to bid on branded terms, especially if they already rank number one in the natural search results.  While this argument may hold some ground on the surface, bidding on brand related terms enables marketers to occupy more search engine real estate and have greater control [...]

Social Media Optimization (SMO): A New Marketing Phenomenon

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a concept defined by Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.  The concept of SMO makes perfect sense with the emergence (in some cases, domination) of social media sites like myspace, digg, and youtube.  Basically, SMO is about implementing changes to a site (or blog) so that others can [...]

Danny Sullivan Leaving Search Engine Watch

I just read that Danny is leaving and will no longer be hosting the search engine strategy conference. Too bad. Here is the article straight from his blog. Technorati Tags: Danny Sullivan, ses, search engine watch, search engine strategies 

Great Tips to Boost Your Online Conversion Rates

I recently wrote an article about website conversion because after years of online shopping and browsing the internet, I am tired of seeing horrible websites that look as if they were put together by some template builder from Homestead (no offense if you have one); with no thought or strategy on how they were going [...]

Article Marketing Really Does Work

I have read several reviews about article marketing and how it’s not an effective marketing tool. In some cases, I would agree. Article marketing doesn’t mean writing an effortless (or half a$$) article, paying a distribution service to submit it to several hundred directories; and then driving the user to Google Adsense page.  What is [...]

Article About Converting Sales Leads

I just read this article about BTB marketers having a hard time converting sales leads because they are requiring user registration before letting them have access to more content on their site (i.e. articles, white papers, etc.) Not sure how I feel about this; I mean, how else are they going to generate leads? If it’s a [...]

Funny Google Dance Video

I found this funny Google Dance Video on Youtube earlier today.  Too bad there isn’t one floating around from last year when there was a break dancing contest; and several Googlers falling down drunk.  Technorati Tags: google dance video   

Google Debunks Click Fraud Audit Firms at SES

I was recently at SES last week in San Jose and attended a click fraud session with representatives from Google, Yahoo, Ask, Click Forensics, Click Tracks and a few others. From the beginning, the gloves were off between one of Google’s Product Manager’s Shuman Ghosemajumder and the third party click fraud auditing firms. To make a [...]