Brand Storytelling With Good Content, Not Ads

Brand Storytelling With Good Content, Not Ads

Read this white paper from my friends at Contently now. They interviewed some super smart folks in the industry. Below is a quick excerpt but please do download the white paper to get the full goodness of the content. So yes, consumer don’t want ads, don’t read ads, can’t stand ads and filter out ads. Unless …

the content itself is the ad. 

And, I mean that in a very genuine way. Content must add value, be meaningful, solve a problem and focus on what my good friend Jay Baer says ” be helpful” in his book Youtlity. Enjoy the white paper; very useful information and advice from industry experts.

Lauren Drell, Campaigns Editor at Mashable says …

Brands started coming to us to reach our audience, and a lot of the brands were interested in creating their own content. We ?gured that we could act as a broker and help these brands use content to engage the audience that they were trying to reach … read more.

Chris Perry, President of Digital Communications, Weber Shandwick says …

There are a lot of very talented people who are moving into this area; but you have to bring all of the pieces together to make it work. The partners, like Contently are vital to our content strategy … read more.

Pete Spande, CRO, Business Insider says …

A lot of our adverting partners have a desire to create more content then they are currently able to do themselves. There are all sorts of opportunities where our clients want to talk about things that our own editorial policies won’t allow us to write about … read more.

Jonathan Sackett, Former Managing Director of Content, Ogilvy says …

The big agencies have always been the governors of the communications, and it’s back?ring on them. They need to give their partners a seat at the table now. These brands need partners who are experts in social, experts in content, experts in seeding … read more.

Joe Coleman, CEO, Contently

It seems like every brand is looking for content. If they don’t have a content program going they are looking to start content programs. It’s on the top of everyone’s mind … read more.

Lauren Passero, Brand Manager, Degree for Men says …

We found back in 2010 that only three percent of conversations online about deodorant were about Degree. We wanted something that would get the name out. That’s what really got us into content marketing … read more.

Jeannie Reeth, Senior Director, Social , eBay says …

[Originally] we treated our social channels like an announcement board. We ?ipped that on its head and said we want to think about what is relevant to the customer ?rst. And then tell the story of how eBay ?ts Into that .. read more.


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  • BrandonUttley

    I’m very impressed by what Michael Brenner is doing, and for his candor in the face of daunting odds against his “craziness.” I hate to tell him, though, small companies don’t have it any easier. Change is hard no matter your size.

  • Carol Stream Locksmith Service

    When a brand becomes a publisher, it needs to be more than just a play on words.

  • Jon Armstrong

    I think the best example of this is how blogs are getting so many requests for guest posts from larger corporations. For example venturebeat often has new startups who write content for them. Kind of a content pitch.

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