Youtility Book Review: Highly Recommended

Youtility Book Review: Highly Recommended

I just finished reading the book, Youtility: Why smart marketing is about Help not Hype by Jay Baer. It’s taken me about 2 months to finish it only because I’m in the process of putting the final touches on my own book.

I know Jay personally. He is a good friend. Met him about 4 years ago at a MarketingProfs Digital Conference in Chicago. I remember like it was yesterday because it was the week I received a job offer from Edelman. Over the years, I have watched Jay really make a name for himself – from his first book, “The Now Revolution”, to all the great content on his blog and now to his current book, Youtility (which has just recently made the New York Times Best Seller List.)

If you don’t know Jay personally, you will feel like you know him after reading his book.  It’s filled with personal anecdotes about his personal life. It’s written almost the same way he speaks to large crowds – personal, human, entertaining.

The first half of the book is filled with examples of brands that use content to help customers by serving as a “utility” of helpful information – whether it’s Clorox giving away self-serve stain information or McDonalds Canada being “radically transparent” about their food ingredients.

If you love your customers, they will love you back and tell others; a result of #Youtility …. {Tweet this}

The second half of the book is a “utility” in itself because Jay gives readers a roadmap for success to help them find and create Youtility within their own organizations:

  1. Identify Customer Needs – using data and insights to better understand your customers and their pain points.
  2. Map Customer Needs to Useful Marketing – taking those insights and turning them into content.
  3. Market Your Marketing – don’t just be a Youtility to customers, but tell the world about it by investing in paid and owned media.
  4. Insource Youtility – my favorite chapter that talks about mobilizing employees to provide Youtility to customers. Think Zappos.
  5. Make Youtility a Process, Not a Project – making Youtility a significant part of the organization, not just a short term program or campaign.
  6. Keeping Score – a breakdown of measurement frameworks.

If you haven’t yet ordered his book, I highly recommend heading over to Amazon now to pick up a copy.  Or, if you have any questions for him before buying it, tweet him. He’ll respond.

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