Altimeter Report: The Collaborative Economy Is Disrupting Business

Altimeter Report: The Collaborative Economy Is Disrupting Business

The Altimeter Group is at it again. Just when we thought we had social business understood, they released a new report today that turns traditional business models completely upside down.  The Collaborative Economy is defined as an economic model where ownership and access are shared between corporations, startups, and people. This results in market efficiencies that bear new products, services, and business growth.

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Jeremiah gives several examples of the collaborative economy and how it’s distupting business in several industries – transportation (RelayRide,, products & apparel (Chegg, Bookcrossing), hospitality (Airbnb), office rental (LiquidSpace, OpenDesks), labor (oDesk, eLance) and banking (Prosper, LendingClub).

Below are the three market forces that are causing this disruption – societal drivers (increased population, drive to sustainability), economic drivers (access over ownership) and technology drivers (social networking, mobile).

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The report stresses that companies must evolve their business models to avoid becoming disintermediated by customers who connect with each other. The Altimeter framework  illustrates how companies can rethink their business models, becoming a Company-as-a-Service, Motivating a Marketplace, or Providing a Platform. These three models represent increases in maturity — requiring greater investment that results in greater benefit at each level. The forward-looking company employs one model; the most advanced companies employ all three, with the corporation at the center.

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Enjoy the report.


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