Is Influence The Currency Of The Social Web?

Is Influence The Currency Of The Social Web?

Saw this excellent video last night of Joe Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Klout. In the video, Joe explains that influence data changes consumer-brand relationships and sees a marketplace where customer words control a brand’s story. He also said that influence is the currency of the social web.

I look at it in a slightly different way.

While I do agree that influence does impact the relationship between brands and customers, I believe the real currency of the social web is actually content. If content has the power to change world government, it surely has the power to change customer behavior.  And when that content can provide a certain level of value, it’s no longer about customers controlling the brand story. It will be about customer contributing to the brand story. But they need more than just feeling empowered. They must be enabled.

Companies must enable their customers to contribute to the brand story …. {Tweet this}

Enjoy the video. Joe is a super smart guy and a great speaker.


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  • Frank Strong

    Yes, I think you are right Michael, content is currency bartered for attention.

  • uc4limited

    Brilliant post Michael!

  • Doug Reid

    Even though I am a content producer there is almost a chicken/egg situation where valuable, influential content gives one more influence (if that is how you see things). Influence in and of itself is ambiguous while content is a tangible currency.

  • Amin Lakhani

    Very Interesting Post Michael. I do agree with you that content is most powerful thing on the web but it is also important that the content do influence the target audience. So, in the end, both Influence and the content go hand-in-hand, or as Doug Reid mentioned in his comment, it should be “influential content”.

  • Gaurav M

    I agree to ur point. I think one is a result of another… They r two different things influencer and content…I ll explain it with an example of restaurant – if u serve good or desirable content/ food u ll create loyal customers or influencers…. Klout CEO rightly mentions that we need to recognise these customers more and more and user them for brands

  • Gaurav M

    Good content is input, but influencers are the output hence it’s essential to recognise them…and this may help in different ways….if u want to start a twitter/ fb campagin, communicate promos or sales, communicate new product launches they r the ones to bank on…and just like google Adwords gives us a conversion %, hitting the right influencers can also give us an estimated conversion % that can b considered…, all in all in my view, influencers r the human side of the brand who connects v well with people.