8 Platforms That Help You Feed The Content Marketing Engine

8 Platforms That Help You Feed The Content Marketing Engine

The transition from brand to media company requires a social business strategy. Along with organizational change management initiatives and building process and workflows, you must also consider an investment in technology that can help facilitate this change. After all, social business strategy is about people, process and technology.

Remember … you need to move beyond the content marketing buzzword. In order to “do” content marketing effectively, you need a robust content strategy. And in order to give birth to a robust content strategy, you need to change your business … from brand to media company.

The transition from brand to media company requires a social business strategy. {Tweet this}

I found this amazing Slideshare presentation from the Content Marketing Institute that gives a really good overview of 8 technology vendors (a few of whom I know personally) that can help with this transition – InnoBlogs, Compendium, DivvyHQ, InboundWriter, Kapost, Contently, Skyword, and Zerys. Other similar vendor not mentioned in the slides are Cadence9 and Relaborate; as well as social CRM platforms like Sprinklr, Spredfast, Shoutlet, Expion and Hootsuite Enterprise that also have these capabilities plus more.

And, since content curation should also be a part of the content strategy, you should also consider platforms like Newscred, Publish This, Percolate and Curata. And you can’t forget about converged media models where vendors like OneSpotInPoweredOutbrain and many others play.

And, lastly, since you won’t be able to do all the work yourself, you will need to focus on building advocacy programs (employees and advocates) that can help you feed the content engine day in and out. Vendors in this space are Influitive, Crowd Tap, Zuberance, Fancorps, Extole and Social Chorus.


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  • http://twitter.com/aweinroth Adam Weinroth

    Thanks Michael – excellent roundup of many of the tools in this emerging space. In addition to finding the right platforms and getting on their merry way with creating content, marketers need to be able to answer this critical question: How will you develop an audience for it and how will you measure your Return on Content?

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