Social Business Drives A Brand’s Content Strategy

Social Business Drives A Brand’s Content Strategy

Over the last year, my attitude and point of view about social business has shifted. I used to be of the mindset that companies need be a social business for the sake of being social business.  Not only is that a hard concept to sell in to clients but there is no real tangible benefit if you actually think about it.  What does being a “social business” really mean and how is going to benefit the business or the brand? Truth is, there needs to be a positive business outcome if a company is going to make that time, financial and cultural investment.

I look at social business strategy as an enabler.

I am a marketing guy by trade so many of the challenges I help my clients with are the ones that help them improve the way they communicate externally and internally. Sometimes it’s about operationalizing their content marketing strategy. Other times, it’s about building processes and workflows that can help scale social media globally. And many times, it’s fixing disjointed content and community management practices. All of these problems are solved by deploying a social business strategy.

Social business strategy enables better content, smarter marketing and more effective customer relationships {Tweet this}

The below Slideshare created by Spredfast illustrates my point, specifically on slides 18-20.  Content is a huge pain point for brands today; and not just the challenge of creating content either. Content governance and all of the operational workflows that drive content ideation, creation, approval and distribution are non existent for many brands today. Managing employee’s behavior and engagement is also tough and I am not just talking about social media policies. I look at the challenge the other way around and usually ask how brands are using employees (customers and partners) to help feed the content engine and help tell the brand story.  Again, to do this requires a social business strategy.

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  • Reiner Knudsen

    Michael, would you mind sharing the link to your blog – if Jeff doesn’t mind. i’d like to read more about it. Thanks.
    Jeff, great article. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jeff Gibbard

    I totally agree, and even more so, the value of creating a social culture internally, is even less understood. Most companies are stuck on social media marketing, and treat it like an item on the to-do list.